160km save with only a breaking ball without a fastball, a finish without limits The era of Kim Seo-hyun is beginning 

 In many ways, I faced a moment where the burden was inevitable. Even with the save situation facing for the first time, however, it ran up to the new manager’s first win. This was especially daunting considering he had only been out of high school for less than three months.

The result is a happy ending. As if responding to the bold appointment of the new command tower, the team’s victory was confirmed. Following the advice of his senior catcher, he quickly revised his plan and announced the start of a new era with his first career save. This is the story of Hanwha super rookie Kim Seo-hyeon (19), who led the team to three consecutive victories with saves in the Munhak SSG match on the 12th.

It wasn’t a perfect process. On the 11th, at the Daejeon Samsung Game, the fastball that took 160 km based on the club tracking data did not listen. Unknowingly, he exerted himself, and the first batter, Oh Tae-gon, reached base with a ball that fit his body. The first fastball thrown to the next hitter, pinch hitter Cho Hyeong-woo, also 메이저놀이터became a wild throw, putting the second base in danger.

But there were no more crises. Veteran catcher Choi Jae-hoon climbed the mound and ordered a breaking ball, and the game was resolved through the breaking ball. Cho Hyung-woo and Choi Hang were hit with sharp sliders. He threw a fastball to Choi Joo-hwan, the last hitter, and the count went up, but he made 2 strikes with the slider and induced a ground ball to 2nd base with a change-up. Proving his genius once more, he completed the team’s 5-2 victory with one scoreless inning.

It is a talent that has no limits. There are only six types of pitches that can be thrown since high school. The height of the arms can also be freely adjusted. I came to the pro and went through editing, and this was also very fast. I got a sense of simplicity and stability by referring to senior Jung Woo-ram’s motion in the set position. He has already started throwing the sweeper, a popular pitch.

Also, mentally strong. Boldness and the desire to compete strike the right balance. If you make a mistake or suffer a defeat, you stand up stronger afterwards. Kim Seo-hyun looked back on the save that day and said, “I emptied my mind. He shouldn’t go up and get excited, so he thought to ‘clear his mind’ as he walked away. He got to second base safely, but he made a mistake anyway. don’t do more I threw more focused,” he said.

It was the first save that was meaningful enough, but I immediately stared at the next one. The last ball thrown that day became Kim Seo-hyun’s first save ball and coach Choi Won-ho’s first victory commemorative ball. Kim Seo-hyun decided to pass the ball to his command tower. He laughed and said, “I think it’s right that the director takes it.” He will be able to make more records later if he makes the save. I will take care of that ball,” he said.

He has been a top pitcher since middle school. He recorded his name in the heads of pro scouts early on by taking 147 km during his training days. As time went on, the scouts’ interest grew steadily and grew proportionally to their interest. He valued chemistry with his colleagues, not just outstanding skills, and his commitment to baseball grew day by day.Just like Moon Dong-ju, a one-year senior, Timok, who will lead not only Hanwha but also Korean baseball in the future, took the starting point as a finishing pitcher. The save he posted in the 7th week of the opening of his first season as a pro could go down in Korean baseball history. Kim Seohyun’s era is opening.

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