17.7 years old, motel, methamphetamine”… Analysis of 10 major drug offenders

The average age is 17.7 years old, the main place is a motel, and the most caught are methamphetamine.

This is a self-portrait of a top 10 drug offender in Korea last year.

SBS , together with the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NFS), analyzed all the statistics of drug users in their teens last year by gender, age안전놀이터, and substance.

Last year, 1,290 teenage drug cases were requested by the National Forensic Service, and 290 of them were analyzed in detail.

The most notable thing was the drug use tendency of teenage females, and the drug use, which is classified as a stimulant, was much higher than that of males.

The first place was methamphetamine, and the third and fourth places were fentanyl and ecstasy, so-called ‘traditional drugs’, stimulants.

On the other hand, benzodiazepines, which are sedative drugs, were the most common among men.

At the age of drug initiation, the number of female users was twice as high as that of males in middle school age or younger.

The high school age group accounted for 80% of the total number of users.

For them, hemp, ketamine, as well as fentanyl and cocaine called ‘zombie drugs’.

There were more than 200 so-called five major drug detections alone. Starting today (22nd),

SBS will begin a series of reports looking into the reality, causes, and alternatives of drug use by teens. SBS

after a whileIn the first order of the 8 News, we will deliver the results of the National Forensic Service analysis and the testimonies of those who have experienced medication in detail.

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