4R MVP’ Lee Dae-seong prepared a counter tribute, both fans and players were satisfied

 Lee Dae-seong, who was selected as the 4th round MVP, paid tribute to the fans.

On the 16th, ahead of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball match between Daegu Korea Gas Corporation and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis at the Daegu Gymnasium in the 5th round, coffee tea and taiyaki tea were waiting for fans in front of the gym. 슬롯사이트It was a tribute event prepared for fans by Lee Dae-seong, who was selected as the 4th round MVP. Lee Dae-sung prepared 1000 taiyaki and 500 cups of coffee to repay fans’ love.

Lee Dae-seong said, “I was so grateful that Daegu fans gave me so much love throughout the season, so I thought I had to repay it. I did it because I had an opportunity,” he said, explaining why he decided to do a reverse tribute.

He continued, “Personally, I like Taiyaki. Taiyaki is popular in cold weather, and I saw an article about a BTS member making Taiyaki tea a while ago, so I prepared Taiyaki together.”   

Kim Soo-jin, a fan of Gas Corporation, who was eating taiyaki given by Lee Dae-seong, said, “It is so delicious. It seems really sensible to give one red bean taiyaki and puff cream taiyaki,” he said. “Although the grades are not good, I hope you will do your best in the remaining games and play happily without injury.”

Lee Da-yeon, a gas construction fan who met in front of the coffee truck, said, “It was more delicious because Lee Dae-seong gave it to me. He expressed his gratitude to Lee Dae-sung, saying, “It’s the first time I’ve ever received a compliment from a player while watching basketball, so it’s amazing and I’m very grateful.” He continued, “Now, the performance of the gas corporation is not good. In particular, Lee Dae-sung is doing very well despite a wrist injury. He left a word of support for the gas corporation, saying, “Because it is not over yet, I believe that it will rebound and I will cheer for you hard.”

Lee Dae-sung’s reverse tribute did not end here. At halftime, Lee Dae-seong presented Coffee Smith coupons to all districts through a district lottery. Originally, it was an event to draw one zone, but Lee Dae-sung also drew an additional zone to reward more fans.

After the game, 12 people were selected from among the people who left messages of support for Lee Dae-sung through the pre-Gas Corporation Instagram account, and presented tickets to the musical and took a commemorative photo with Lee Dae-sung on the court. After safely completing the reverse tribute, Lee Dae-seong said, “Last summer, during the Philippine national team evaluation match, the national team group gave coffee as a gift to fans, but it was the first time for me personally. The fans liked it so much that I felt really good and happy.”

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