“4th Taegeuk mark as a training helper… Climb the mound and pitch 300 batting balls”

For Nuri Kwon, 32,온라인카지노

a training assistant for the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team, this is already her fourth Taegeuk mark. Kwon first wore the Taegeuk mark as a training assistant at the Asia Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) in 2017, followed by the 2019 Premier 12 competition and the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, and this year’s WBC national team.

Drill helpers are also referred to as “bullpen catchers” and “batting ball pitchers.” Kwon’s main job is also to be a bullpen catcher who catches the pitcher’s ball. However, his main specialty is the batting ball. What Kwon became famous for was the 2016 All-Star Home Run Derby. At the time, Mr. Kwon started as a batting ball pitcher for Chung Eui-yoon (former SSG), Park Kyung-soo (KT), and Eric Thames (former NC), and collaborated with Park Kyung-soo for runner-up.

On the morning of the 20th (Korean time), Kwon climbed the mound at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, the training ground for the WBC national team, and threw about 300 balls. Na Seong-beom, the central batsman of the national team, said, “Kwon Nuri’s batting ball comes into a good course. He is more focused than other batting ball pitchers,” he praised.

Mr. Kwon, who finished his batting ball mission, said, “We are throwing a lot of balls in this national team as well. It seems that it is because of the batting ball that I am often selected as a training helper for the national team,” he laughed. “Every time I join the national team, it feels different. The WBC is expected even more because it is a stage for major league players. I will do my best behind the scenes so that the national team players can achieve good results.”

Kwon was active as a player until high school. Gwon, who went through Galsan Elementary School, Sinwol Middle School, and Seonlingo High School, enlisted in the Marine Corps (1162nd class) in his second year of college. While contemplating his career after being discharged from the military, his alma mater coach Cheol-Yoon Lee recommended him to start working as a bullpen catcher at SK (now SSG) in 2014 as a training helper. Kwon is not a player, but he wore the Taegeuk mark along with his teammates, including pitcher Kim Gwang-hyeon, infielder Choi Jeong, and outfielder Choi Ji-hoon.

Mr. Kwon said, “(Kim) Kwang-hyeon told me not to worry because I had good results when I was in the national team. In the 3rd and 4th competitions, our national team performed disappointingly, but this time we will do our best to go to Miami (semifinals).”

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