6 meals a day, up to 5 naps…’Management is thorough’ Ronaldo

The management is meticulous Cristiano Ronaldo.

The British Daily Mail안전놀이터 reported on the 23rd (Korean time), “Do you know how much effort elite soccer players have to keep in order to stay in top position?”

A recent media coverage of Ronaldo’s blackened toenails said, “Many top athletes wear sweaty shoes for hours. It is done to protect against fungus and bacteria,” he reported, “even former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson does it.”

A few things have been added here. Ronaldo eats 6 meals a day. It is served at breakfast, lunch and dinner, including brunch, and even snacks between meals. It is also called a ‘mini-meal’. Ronaldo sticks to high-protein, low-fat foods such as fish and chicken, including nutrient-rich avocados. Salads, whole grains such as quinoa, and fruit are also on his plate every day.

One food that Ronaldo doesn’t touch is a sugary drink. At the press conference ahead of the 2020 European Football Championship (Euro) group stage group F match, it became a hot topic by removing Coca-Cola in front of his eyes. This is because Coca-Cola was the official sponsor of the UEFA competition.

Also, Ronaldo often takes short sleep. He enjoys taking 90-minute naps every five rather than one big sleep. This is the same pattern that babies use when sleeping, and research has shown that it has the effect of improving productivity and maintaining attention.

However, other than self-management, it is Ronaldo who often gets into gossip. He wore the Al Nasr uniform of the Saudi League at the end of December last year, and on the 21st, in the 25th round of the league, he showed behavior contrary to Islamic law. After the game, as Al-Hilal’s home fans chanted the name of his rival Lionel Messi (PSG), Ronaldo put his hand to the groin twice, incited. Saudi fans were outraged by this action and there is a movement to petition for Ronaldo’s expulsion.

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