A grievance expressed by a candidate for the PL Hall of Fame “Man Utd training is difficult, even fighting”

5 Premier League Championships, 3 League Cup Championships, 3 Club World Cup Championships, 1 European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) Championship…

The player who built a brilliant career in England and was nominated for a Premier League Hall of Fame has had hard times. Former Manchester United Nemanja Vidic recently recalled on his teammate’s YouTube channel that “the first training session at Manchester United was so difficult.”

Britain’s ‘Daily Mirror’ highlighted an interview video with Nemanja Vidic on Rio Ferdinand’s ‘Presents FIVE’ channel, which was released on the 24th (Korean time). The video deals with the anecdote of Ferdinand and Vidic, the central defender duo who led Manchester United’s heyday in the late 2000s. From behind the scenes of Vidic’s스포츠토토transfer to Manchester United, he recalled the current situation and the past of his first training at Manchester United.

The media highlighted an episode Vidic experienced during Manchester United training at the time. “I arrived at the Manchester United training ground in January 2006 and it was difficult to train with the players,” Vidic said in the video. The players were so fast I was kicking them,” he recalled.

He also explained that he had an argument with Giggs. “After three training sessions, Giggs started to get angry,” Vidic explained.

Ferdinand also said, “I remember thinking at the time that ‘this friend (Vidic)’ had a long way to go.” 

On the other hand, they also explained that Alex Ferguson’s training policy at the time was ‘train like the end of your life’. “It’s really hard to train with players who have this policy,” said Vidic. If you don’t follow that path, you can’t be there anymore.”Vidic played 300 matches for Manchester United alone, sharing the team’s heyday. Afterwards, he took off his uniform in January 2016, and explained that he is currently taking a UEFA training course for his personal business related to apartment development and football administrator work.

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