A rookie who changed the flow of the championship match…”Let’s go to Incheon”

In short battles, variables change the flow of the series. Unexpected players’ performances also have a great impact on winning or losing.  

It was the same in the 2022-23 Dodram V-League Women’s Championship Match (Champion Match, 3 wins in 5 matches). Heungkuk Life Insurance, who ranked first in the regular league, caught both the first and second games and was on the verge of winning, but gave up the third game after struggling with the new player’s serve. Lee Ye-eun (19) of the Korea Expressway Corporation (Expressway Corporation) is the main character.  

Highway Corporation won the 3rd round of the championship match held at the home court, Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 2nd, with a set score of 3-1 (22-25, 25-21, 25-22, 25-20). ‘Clutch Park’ Park Jung-ah played an active role, recording 24 points and an attack success rate of 38.18%, and foreign player Catbell also supported Park Jung-ah, recording 21 points and an attack success rate of 35.19%. Veteran middle blocker (center) Bae Yoo-na scored fast attacks and blocked goals at every turn. After losing the 1st and 2nd games, the road construction took the 3rd game and counterattacked.. The direction of the championship game is in the fog.

The flow of this game was diverted from the hands of rookie player Lee Ye-eun. Showing his presence as a ‘one point server’ in the postseason, he sent a target hit to ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung in the second set 20-20, shaking the receive and scoring.  

The road construction took the win by scoring 4 points in a row in Lee Ye-eun’s serve order, and Park Jung-ah scored a quick open at the set point (24-21) to tie the set score 1-1.  

Lee Ye-eun came out in the 20-21 situation in the third set and shook Kim Mi-yeon’s receive. In 22-21, she served to Kim Mi-yeon and once again made an ace. The road construction took the third set 25-22, and the fourth set also scored the 25th point after a close game, winning two losses and then one win.  

After the game메이저놀이터, Kim Jong-min, the road construction manager, praised Lee Ye-eun’s distribution for completing the game-changer mission in the third game, saying, “I tend to like players who are smart.” Park Jung-ah, a key player in the road construction who had an interview with a distinguished player, hinted at her unique personality, saying, “(Lee) Ye-eun’s nickname is the gold side. Sometimes it is the silver side or the east side.” Bae Yoo-na also said, “It was unusual from the first time I saw it.”  

The seniors praised the ‘maknae’ for not being nervous and doing his part even in important matches. Both Park Jung-ah and Bae Yoo-na said in unison, “I performed well in the strategy that the coach and the players on the court wanted. Although I am a rookie, I would have been able to play in an important game with that aspect.”  

Lee Ye-eun smiled brightly, saying, “I’m not nervous.” The reason is that the seniors were waiting for him when he entered the court. It was enough to send a target hit to a specific player as instructed. Lee Ye-eun smiled and said, “I didn’t want to harm my sisters. During the game, I didn’t realize that I was able to serve as an ace, but after it was over, I thought, ‘I made a point.'”  

When asked if he was as clever as the command tower said, he said, “I admit it.”  An honest message with a playful tone. It was the ageless generation of today.

In order for the Korea Expressway Corporation to win, they have to go all the way to Incheon, where the 5th match will be held. Park Jung-ah and Bae Yoo-na said their determination to “focus on one game, one point”, but Lee Ye-eun shouted, “Let’s go to Incheon” and laughed in the crowd. He laughed again, saying, “It’s like a dream just to sit running with my older sisters (Park Jung-ah and Bae Yu-na), whom I’ve supported since elementary school.”  

Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Marcello Abondanza also cited Lee Ye-eun’s failure to serve as a loss for this game. Attention is focusing on how Lee Ye-eun, a rising rookie, will change the flow of the series. 

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