“Ahn So-hyun, it doesn’t look like that”

 “It doesn’t look like that, does it?”

Ahn So-hyun (27), a popular star on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, speaks like a habit.  

After the second round of the ‘McCall Mona Park Open with SBS Golf’ held in Yongpyong, Gangwon-do last July, Ahn So-hyun was asked about her final goal as a golfer.

“I’m the money king on the senior tour.” The answer came right away, without a moment’s thought. Ahn So-hyun asked back, “I’m a golfer, so I have to live as a golfer and retire. I’ve never thought about anything other than that. Doesn’t it look like that?”

Ahn So-hyun is often misunderstood because of her appearance. Practice is an afterthought, and the prejudice that he is a golfer who only cares about ‘appearance’ follows. 

However, if you look into Ahn So-hyun’s daily routine, the misunderstanding is correct. His day starts with running, spends most of his time at the driving range, and ends with strength training. It’s a routine he always sticks to when he doesn’t have a busy schedule. 

He is often asked to appear on broadcasts or video content such as YouTube, but he rarely goes out. He shuts himself off completely. He jokes, “Contrary to appearances, I’m not a broadcaster.” 

He recently became a hot topic as a ‘donation angel’. Last month, he ranked 16th in the KLPGA regular tour seeding match and confirmed his return to the first part tour after three years, and news of donations for the vulnerable was immediately heard. 

On the 12th, Ahn So-hyun held an event to donate heating bills and supplies for neighbors in need at World Vision. He donated money from charity golf tournaments and auction proceeds from his fan club members. Donations through World Vision have continued for three years this year.

On the 15th, I met Ahn So-hyun at the Twin Doves Golf Club in Binh Duong Province, northern Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He will participate in the ‘PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship with SBS GOLF’ held for three days from the 16th. It is the first part tour return after 3 years. 

He brought up the topic of donations. Ahn So-hyun also makes a strange expression, saying, “It doesn’t look like that, right?” 

Ahn So-hyun’s donation activities began when she was 21 years old. Serve, to be exact. He started out as an odd job by randomly looking for nurseries and nursing homes near his home. Even now, whenever he has free time, he packs his hands full of bundles to find neighbors in need. 

“I didn’t want to inform the outside world, and it wasn’t a great thing to be praised for, so I quietly continued my volunteer work. The children and the elderly are very welcoming and express their gratitude, but in fact, I feel more grateful. It’s because I get a lot of good energy. Part 1 I think returning to the tour was a gift from them.”  토토사이트

For Ahn So-hyun, donations, volunteer work, and golf are everything in her life. He smiled brightly, saying, “I plan to keep going. I have to fill it up with better things, but I still lack the ability. So I’m swinging the golf club harder.” 

There were no specific goals set for this competition. But his confidence was full. The new Bridgestone golf club that I have been with for a long time fits well in my hand, and I decided to work with a veteran caddy. 

Ahn So-hyun said, “It’s a golf course where the rough is difficult and the green is not easy. Fortunately, the new golf club fits well and I’m looking forward to it. Besides, I’m confident to be with an experienced caddy.” 

Kim Gwang-min, who has been a caddy on the KLPGA tour for a long time, said, “Ahn So-hyun has many strengths, but also a few weaknesses. I don’t talk directly to the player. I plan to help out,” showing the aspect of a veteran caddy.