Another losing streak’ Dallas falling helplessly, at this rate, even the play-in tournament is in jeopardy

 Dallas is in an atmosphere of being pushed out of the play-in tournament competition.

The Dallas Mavericks lost 122-129 in an away game against the Miami Heat at the Dade-Arena in Miami on the 2nd (Korean time).

With this loss, Dallas, ranked 11th in the Western Conference, widened the gap with Oklahoma City, ranked 10th, by one game. On the 28th, he broke a 4-game losing streak against Indiana, but fell into a losing streak again as he knelt down to Philadelphia and Miami.

Dallas, led by Luka Doncic who exploded 42 points, Tim Hardaway Jr. (31 points) and Kyrie Irving (23 points) fought hard, but suffered a loss by 7 points as they revealed big problems in defense throughout the game. After the loss against Miami, coach Jason Kidd pointed out the loss, saying, “Today, our defense didn’t exist. We couldn’t control the opponent’s scoring.”

Dallas has been in an extreme slump lately. Dallas fell to 11th in the Western Conference with a .300 winning percentage in 10 games, including two losses in a row. During this span, Dallas is ranked 18th in offensive rating (114.8안전놀이터) and 18th in defensive rating (116.6). It means that there is no part that falls significantly from the league average level, but in other words, it can be interpreted as meaning that there is no special advantage.

The reason why other strong players have slowed down is because there are injury issues of key players, but Dallas is not like that, so it is even more serious. Among Dallas’ main lineup players, there are hardly any players who have recently been off the court due to long-term injuries.

Above all, it is pointed out as the biggest problem that there is no synergistic effect between Donchichi and Irving. Nearly two months have passed since the formation of the Donbing duo, but instead of rising to a higher place, Dallas has repeatedly fallen, and is now in a position where it is impossible to guarantee advances to the play-in tournament.

Another problem is that Irving’s role has become ambiguous. Irving, who is called the ‘clutch man’, has less time to own the ball when attacking in the 4th quarter, which is the winning point in recent games. Even against Miami on the 2nd, he often stayed in the corner and waited for a pass rather than leading the attack himself. In fact, Irving’s attack share (USG%) in the last five clutch situations is 22.3%, far below the season average of 28.5% in this sector.

Then, what are the chances of Dallas winning the final ticket to the play-in tournament? It’s not very hopeful at the moment. First of all, if the winning rate is the same as Oklahoma City, which is in 10th place, Dallas is at a disadvantage. Because we didn’t get a tiebreaker. Dallas is at a disadvantage against Oklahoma City this season (OKC season 3 head-to-head matches 1 win 2 losses)

Dallas has 4 games against Atlanta (away)-Sacramento (home)-Chicago (home)-San Antonio (home) In a situation where . In the midst of this, Hardaway Jr. did not lose hope after losing against Miami, saying, “It is a hopeless situation, but we will not give up until the end. Anything can happen if we do our best without giving up.”

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