Another ‘sanghaek corpse’ found in Yeosu…15th this year alone

The carcass of an endangered species has been found one after another in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province.

According to the Yeosu Rescue Team, a marine environmental lifeguard organization, on the 4th, a tourist found a carcass at Seongdubang Breakwater in Dolsan-eup,안전놀이터 Yeosu, and reported it to the coast guard at 9 p.m. the previous day.

The carcass is 180 centimeters long and weighs about 70 kilograms.

This brings the total number of carcasses found in Yeosu this year to 15. Last year, a total of 40 carcasses were found.

Photo: Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries

An official from the rescue team said, “The number of sharks is plummeting due to overfishing.” “If you find a shark carcass, please report it to the coast guard or rescue team,” he said.

The sanghwa is a native dolphin that has been nicknamed “iron pig” and “fertile” since ancient times. Found primarily in the western and southern waters of the Korean Peninsula, it is a globally endangered species found only in East Asia. It was designated a marine protected species in 2016, and its distribution and sale has been banned.

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