Baek Jeong-hyun, who met Lotte, 1st inning home run → 3 consecutive scoreless innings from the 2nd inning 

Baek Jung-hyun (Samsung) started his second appearance in an exhibition match against Lotte on the 20th. He had 3 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 3 strikeouts and 2 runs in 4 innings. Except for the home run in the first inning, it was a relatively satisfactory pitch. 

Baek Jeong-hyun recorded 4 hits바카라사이트 (1 home run), 3 walks and 3 runs in 3 innings against Daegu LG on the 15th, which was his first appearance in the demonstration game. 

Director Park Jin-man said, “As you can see, the content was not good. He should be more prepared for the rest of the year. He pointed out that it was not the content of the pitch to enter our team’s 4th selection.” That’s why he had to show a different appearance in his second appearance.  

He was off to a bad start. In the first inning, Baek Jung-hyun, who allowed first baseman Jeon Jun-woo a left-handed two-run arch, led Rex to a third baseman foul fly and earned the first out count. After giving Han Dong-hee a walk, he ended the first inning by inducing Ko Seung-min and Jung Hoon to ground ball. 

He completed his first three-way inning in the second inning. Baek Jung-hyun, who treated lead batter Noh Jin-hyeok with a ground ball to first base, struck out Ji-wan Ji-wan on a swing. Soon after, Lee Hak-ju finished the inning with a straight hit to the second baseman. 

Baek Jung-hyun gave a heavy hit to lead batter Ahn Kwon-soo in the third inning, and then Jeon Jun-woo, Rex, and Han Dong-hee all induced them to hit. In the 4th inning, he induced lead batter Koh Seung-min to ground to second base, and then struck out Jeong-hoon and Noh Jin-hyeok in a row. 

Baek Jeong-hyun came down the mound in the 5th inning with a 4-2 lead. Right-hander Moon Yong-ik took over the baton. 

Baek Jung-hyun, who threw 57 pitches that day, threw a variety of pitches, including a fastball with a maximum speed of 139 km, a curveball, a slider, a two-seam fastball, a changeup, and a forkball. 

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