Beverly will chase after Lavigne “Chicago has no tanking” 

Patrick Beverly (34) said the Chicago Bulls (hereafter referred to as Chicago) will not be tanking (losing as part of a draft pick).토토사이트

Beverly talked about Chicago in her podcast on the afternoon of the 21st (Korean time).

Beverly dreams of reviving his hometown team and aims to advance to the playoff stage. “Chicago didn’t bring me in to tank,” he said forcefully.

He went on to say, “Right now, I think Chicago can make the playoffs,” he said. “The East is weak. It’s not ignoring people in the East, a lot of superstars have moved their teams to the West.”

Before joining Chicago, Beverly revealed that he weighed in with the winning team last season, the Golden State Warriors. And Beverly said he can take on many roles, and he chose his hometown team, Chicago.

Confident in his abilities, Beverly said, “If you think of the hard work I’ve done on other teams, imagine how hard I’ll work for this team.” Ahead of Beverly, there is a bar that advanced the team to the playoff stage for 4 consecutive seasons. In particular, he led the young guns of the Minnesota Timberwolves last season and made a chill against the second seed, the Memphis Grizzlies.

Meanwhile, Chicago, currently ranked 11th in the East, may not even make it to the play-in tournament. They are two games behind the 10th-place Toronto Raptors. Also, it is 6.5 games behind the 6th seed, who is guaranteed to go directly to the playoffs.

Under these circumstances, Beverly was confident that she could bring passion and energy to Chicago. He said, “I will go after Jack Lavigne. I will give him all the energy he needs. He will break down the defenders.”

Beverly, who is excited to be joining Chicago, said, “Me and Demar DeRozan are good friends. I was inspired by Nikola Vucevic,” he said, expressing his feelings about welcoming new teammates.

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