“Bogatz and Keystone top-notch” Kim Ha-seong converted to second base, positive for FA jackpot

San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong should move to second base next year.

It was when Zander Bogarts, a heavyweight free agent shortstop, became a teammate. San Diego acquired Bogarts for 280 million dollars in 11 years and strengthened both offense and defense. Even though shortstop Kim Ha-seong, who has a solid defense, is holding on, he poured a lot of money.

It should be seen as a mid- to long-term plan. Third baseman Manny Machado could opt out at the end of next year, and Juan Soto will become a free agent in two years. Attack power can be greatly reduced. Ha-seong Kim also gets FA qualification if he gives up the mutual option two years later, so the reason why he brought Bogatz this time is to prepare for the weakening of the air defense power.

However, with the recruitment of Bogatz, a chain transfer of positions became inevitable. It is a scenario in which Ha-seong Kim moves to second base, Jake Cronenworth, second baseman, first base, and Fernando Tatis Jr., an existing shortstop who comes out of disciplinary action early next year, turns to an outfielder, respectively.

Regarding the fact that shortstops all hit an astronomical jackpot in the FA market this time, it is not welcome that Kim Ha-seong is being pushed out of shortstop. It is all the more so because he ranked second in the National League Gold Glove shortstop category and was officially recognized for his defensive power. This is because the chance to be in the limelight in the free agent market two years later can be reduced with just one defense.

But you should also look at the positive side. Kim Ha-seong is no stranger to second base. When he played as an all-weather infielder last year, his first season with San Diego, he had the experience of playing 21 games (20 starts) as second base. He doesn’t have to worry about defensive insecurity. The club also believed in Ha-sung Kim’s defense and strongly pushed for the recruitment of Bogatz.

In addition, the keystone combination with Bogatsu, who became a new family member, is also highly anticipated. Bogaerts is a shortstop with outstanding offense, but also has an above-average defense. There is also an expectation that the Bogatz-Kim Ha-sung duo will establish themselves as the top keystone combination in the major leagues. 토토

On the 19th (hereinafter Korean time), NBC Sports mentioned Bogatz and Kim Ha-seong as candidates for the best Keystone combination while announcing the news of Dansby Swanson joining the Chicago Cubs. The media said, ‘For a shortstop, he has a shoulder below average in the league, but Swanson and Nico Horner seem to be the best keystone combination in the major leagues. At least with San Francisco, San Diego, Texas, Houston, etc.’

San Francisco’s Brandon Crawford-Tyro Estrada, Texas’ Cory Seager-Marcus Simien, and Houston’s Jeremy Pena-Jose Altuve are keystone combinations, most of which have won Gold Glove awards.

On the 17th, ESPN also said in an article titled, ‘How long will Machado, Soto, Tatis Jr., and Bogatz eat together in the Padres?’, ‘San Diego has no first baseman and no left fielder. He has the main shortstop Bogarts, the original shortstop Tatis, and the Gold Glove shortstop Kim Ha-seong at the same time. Jake Cronenworth and Kim Ha-seong, who will move to first base, are players that will attract some attention in the trade market.” It was an evaluation of Kim Ha-sung’s defensive power to the point of mentioning the possibility of a trade.

The largest shortstop in the free agent market at the end of 2024 is expected to be Willie Adames of the Milwaukee Brewers. Currently, Ha-seong Kim is expected to be ranked as the 2nd or 3rd free agent shortstop by then. If he continues his excellent defense even as a second baseman, his market value will inevitably increase.