“Can you rewrite the cheering song?” NC moved at the player’s word

“Ohhh~ Minwoo Park Ohhh~ Minwoo Park Ohhhh~ Blow it away~”

NC Park Minwoo (30)’s cheering song, which was buried as a memory, was revived. At Changwon NC Park on the 21st, where NC and Lotte played, a familiar melody rang out from the first base cheerleader’s seat when Park Min-woo’s at-bat came at the end of the first inning. The nostalgic Park Min-woo cheering song that was used from 2014 to 2017온라인카지노 has returned to NC fans.

How did the story of the revival of Park Min-woo’s cheering song develop? It started with the request of the player himself. An official from the NC club said, “Park Min-woo recently inquired about the club where he could reuse the cheering song he liked the most.” The club consulted with the copyright holder, Brave Brothers, and started using it again from the 21st.”

On this day, NC fans who filled the first base crowd also enjoyed the joy as Park Min-woo’s cheering song revived, singing “Oh oh~ Park Min-woo oh oh~ Park Min-woo oh oh-oh~ Blow it away” after a long time.

It is a cheering song that Park Min-woo personally had a deep affection for. In 2014, Park Min-woo took off as NC’s main second baseman with a batting average of .298, 1 home run, 40 RBIs and 50 stolen bases. It is a cheering song that has been used since this time, so it is not an exaggeration to say that it accompanied Park Min-woo’s growth. Park Min-woo, who faced a turning point in his baseball life in 2014, has established himself as a second baseman representing the league, recording a batting average of 30% for six consecutive years since 2015.

Park Min-woo, ahead of the Changwon Lotte match on the 21st, said, “I am happy to be able to reuse the cheering song that fans have loved and sang since I was a rookie. I will play better.” He did not hide his anticipation. Perhaps thanks to the cheering song that came back, he got a hit from the first at bat in the bottom of the first inning and drew cheers from NC fans.

Park Min-woo, who exercised his free agent rights for the first time in his life after finishing last season, signed a 5+3 year total of 14 billion won, de facto declaring a’lifetime NC’. He played in 16 games this season as well, playing the leading role in NC’s attack with a batting average of .333, 6 RBIs and 5 steals.

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