‘Cartoonish’ 4-year-old jumps 26 stories with umbrella

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The first news is ‘No nursing law enacted’.

The Korea Nursing Association is holding a rally in front of the National Assembly on the 30th to call for the fulfillment of promises to enact the Nursing Act and to stop the revision of the Heterosexual Medical Act. Yonhap News Agency

The bill to enact the Nursing Act was finally rejected by the National Assembly today (Nov. 30).

President Yoon Seok-yul exercised his right to veto the bill, which went through the National Assembly’s reconsideration process and was ultimately rejected.

It was 34 days after the bill passed the plenary session of the National Assembly and 15 days after Yoon vetoed it.

Of the 289 lawmakers present, 178 voted in favor, 107 against, and 4 were invalid.

In the case of a presidential veto, the requirement for the National Assembly to reconvene is that at least two-thirds of the lawmakers present vote in favor.

This was not met.

The ruling party voted against it and the opposition voted in favor of it, showing a clear split.

Today, some members of the Korean Nurses Association went to the National Assembly to watch the debate on the reintroduction of the nursing bill.

The nursing bill was ultimately rejected, and a backlash from nurses is expected.

The KNA emphasized that lawmakers who voted against the reintroduction will be judged in next year’s general election.

It has also expressed its intention to re-propose the bill even if the re-vote fails.


What’s next?


The next news is ‘Prepare for Man Nai’.

Yonhap News Agency

Some of you may have forgotten about the introduction of ‘Man Age’.

A system to unify the age calculation method to ‘10,000 years old’ will be implemented from the 28th of next month.

In Korea, there are three age calculation methods: ‘counting age’, ‘yearly age’, and ‘full age’, but internationally, ‘full age’, which starts at 0 years old at birth and adds 1 year to each birthday, is commonly used.

Therefore, there is an expectation that unifying the토토사이트 age calculation method to ‘full age’ will reduce confusion and inconvenience in daily life.

However, there are also concerns that it may cause further confusion because Korea has a hierarchical culture based on age.

There are some bone-crunching opinions online that say, “Our bodies don’t get younger just because we get older.”

On the other hand, there are also opinions that say, “Age 10 is the correct biological age”.

Since this is a new change, there will be confusion in the field and in daily life.

The street address system was fully implemented in 2014, but many people still can’t get used to it, so it will be interesting to see if the age of majority system can be well settled in the field.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety and the Ministry of Legal Affairs will jointly hold a policy communication forum tomorrow (31st) on the topic of the 10,000-age settlement.

The intention is to collect opinions from experts, citizens, social workers, etc. on the grievances and improvements to the age of majority that people feel in their lives, and to discover policy alternatives.


Any last news?


The last news is, “Umbrella as a parachute like a cartoon?

Weibo capture

In China, a 4-year-old boy jumped from the 26th floor of an apartment building with nothing but an umbrella.

The child suffered multiple fractures throughout his body after the fall and was taken to intensive care, but is reportedly out of danger.

According to local Chinese media, the incident happened in Jixiu, Hunan province, on the afternoon of April 26.

The child reportedly jumped using an umbrella as a parachute to mimic a scene from a cartoon.

Luckily, the child is lightweight, and the umbrella is believed to have played a role.

He also reportedly caught a tree on his way down, which cushioned his fall.

With so many children falling due to the carelessness of adults, it’s a good reminder to take extra precautions to prevent children from playing on railings or balconies.

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