Chae Tae-in “If you earn 9 billion, the tax is 4.5 billion… I earned, but why pay it, it’s too wasteful”

 Chae Tae-in, a former baseball player, revealed the tax system of professional players and complained that it “seems excessive.”

In the recently broadcast web entertainment ‘Guracheol’, ‘Shinhwa Choi Gook with 8.5 million cumulative views, repays the favor with PPL! Ep.59’ was released.

Choi Kook, Chae Tae-in, and Lee Dae-hyeong appeared as guests on this day, and they told various anecdotes at the time of their activities.

First, Kim Gu-ra said, “In the past, Seo Jang-hoon worked so hard that he wanted to rest without doing anything for 6 months to a year after retiring. By the way, didn’t Lee Dae-ho retire this time? I did, but he said no.”

In response, Chae Tae-in explained, “Dae-ho has a lot of money. That’s why he has to pay a lot of taxes.”

He continued, “To pay for it, you have to earn it this year. We are. Baseball players are private businesses. We always have a headache in May.”

Lee Dae-hyung, who was a baseball player, also said, “Isn’t it announced that the annual salary is 9 billion won in 6 years?

Then Chae Tae-in said, “If you receive 9 billion won, you have to pay 4.5 billion won in taxes. Who would want to pay 4.5 billion won in taxes? hugged토토

At the same time, he speculated that the reason for his friend Lee Dae-ho’s excessive (?) appearance on entertainment after his retirement as a player was because of Se-dam, leading everyone to sympathize.

In addition, Chae Tae-in conveyed his thoughts, “It can be because he did not win,” regarding the renewal of the contract with the LG Twins and manager Ryu Ji-hyun, which had recently failed. . I like a big baseball more than a small baseball,” he said honestly.