Claims stuck… “It’s like trash” vs “You guys break down easily?”

 The captains had a fight안전놀이터. Spain Captain Rodri (27, Manchester City) and Scotland Captain Andy Robertson (29, Liverpool) had a war of words.

Britain’s ‘Liverpool Echo’ reported on the 29th (Korean time), “Robertson countered Rodri’s accusation that he was ‘trash’. He enjoyed the fact that he had bullied Spain.”

Scotland defeated Spain 2-0 in the second leg of Group A of the UEFA European Football Championship (Euro) 2024 group stage held at Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland on the 29th. After beating Spain for the first time in 39 years, Scotland jumped to first place in the group.

After the match, Rodri couldn’t contain his anger. He lashed out: “This is Scottish football. You have to respect it, but I think it’s a little trash. It’s always a waste of time. Scottish players provoke their opponents and they always go down. This isn’t football.”

Rodri added: “For the spirit of sport, you have to move forward. The referee has to be in control, but he didn’t say anything. We want to win, but it’s frustrating that they waste time and waste time. What can I do?”

The victorious Robertson refuted this head-on. “Spain was falling easily,” he said, after rhyming, “We always fought hard and wanted to win the competition. We did that, and I don’t think we crossed the line.”

Robertson continued: We annoyed each other by harassing them. It was the best performance in every way,” he said, enjoying the winner’s composure.

Meanwhile, Spain and Scotland face off again in October. The match between the two teams is expected to spark even more sparks from this Lunar New Year’s match. 

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