Climbing Korean version of Dream Team on the rise “Let’s go see Seo Chae-hyun and Kim Ja-in!” held in Seoul this weekend

Seo Chae-hyeon, the ‘signboard of Korean climbing’, and Kim Ja-in, the ‘returned rock queen’, will go on a medal hunt for the Climbing World Cup in front of Korean home fans. The ‘International Federation of Mountaineering Federation (IFSC) Climbing World Cup Seoul’ featuring Seo Chae-hyeon, Kim Ja-in, Chun Jong-won, and Lee Do-hyun will be held from the 28th (Fri) to the 30th (Sun) at the Jungnang Sports Climbing World Cup Stadium in Jungnang-gu, Seoul.

■ Aiming for the first medal of the season in front of domestic fans In
this World Cup, which is held in Korea and is held for the second time this year, Korean athletes are challenging for the first medal of the season. In particular, attention is focused on the performance of ‘signboard’ Seo Chae-hyun, who trained hard during the winter. Seo Chae-hyun, who seemed a bit nervous and was pushed out of the rankings at the first World Cup held in Hachioji, Japan, is determined to show her skills properly in this tournament.

Kim Ja-in’s climbing, wearing안전놀이터 the Taegeuk mark after a long time, is also a must-see for domestic fans. Kim Ja-in, who reigned as the ‘Rock Empress’ for a long time, seemed to have her career cut short due to childbirth and KBS commentator work, but she returned to the national team with great effort.

Chun Jong-won and Lee Do-hyun, who unfortunately failed to reach the podium by placing 6th and 7th in the men’s bouldering event in the last 1st competition, competed again for medals. Noh Hee-joo and others are also sharpening knives. Seo Jong-guk, head coach of the sports climbing national team, said, “The athletes unfortunately missed out on medals in the first World Cup event, but they are in good condition now.” .

■ Tickets are almost all sold out due to world-class total dispatch… Climbing’s Popularity Will Be Winged
This World Cup, in which more than 400 athletes from 45 countries participate, attracts more attention as a large number of ‘world-class’ athletes participate. All of the so-called “big names” such as “emerging rookie” Ai Mori (Japan), Yoshiyuki Ogata (Japan) and Natalia Grossman (USA), who ranked first in the men’s and women’s bouldering world rankings last year, will mobilize. It remains to be seen whether Medi Scalak (France) and Brook Labotou (USA), who won the championship by beating prominent players in the 1st World Cup bouldering in Hachioji, will win consecutive championships.

There is a lot of interest from domestic fans for this tournament. Almost all of the 1,000 tickets for the bouldering men’s and women’s bouldering finals were sold out on the 30th. It is an opportunity to confirm the growing public interest in sport climbing and further amplify the popularity of climbing. The Korea Mountaineering Federation will use this World Cup as a stepping stone for the World Youth Championships to be held in August,This weekend, Jungnang Climbing Stadium in Seoul is expected to become a venue to confirm the popularity and power of Korean sports climbing, along with great climbing by leading stars.

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