“Dae~HanMinguk!” The passionate cheering of Korean residents became a ‘great source of strength’ for the Korean Air team.

As if it were our home,” Korean

Air, the 2021-2022 Bahrain Volleyball League winner and the 2022 Bahrain Volleyball League 2nd match of group A of the tournament held at ISA Sports City Stadium in Manama, Bahrain on the 15th (local time) The home team, Al Ahli Sports Club, was defeated with a set score of 3-0 (25-19 25-21 25-22) ‘shutout’. As a result, Korean Air confirmed their advance to the quarterfinals early.

On that day, about 30 Koreans from Bahrain visited the stadium and cheered for Korean Air. Flight attendants working for the local Gulf Air also visited the stadium to help. Children cheered in Taekwondo uniforms. In the final third set, when the Bahraini crowd shouted and pressed the Korean Air players, the Koreans shouted Korea and fired back.

Jeong Ji-seok said, “It’s very energizing to come out of a foreign country and support me like this.” He expressed his gratitude 메이저사이트for the support.

It is Jung Ji-seok who played the role of a solver properly by marking the most points in the team with 17 points, including 2 blocks. Regarding Al-Ahli’s history, he said, “There was a sense of intimidation as the players we knew well came as mercenaries, but it was also a bit out of sync.” I did, but it seems to have worked well.” He smiled.

In an interview after the game, Yoo Kwang-woo said, “Compared to Korean middle blockers (Bahraini middle blockers), their height and physical strength are good, but there was a feeling that basic skills and things like that were lacking. So I think I was able to do it while watching.” pointed out

The opponent team that day faced was Yosubani, who was about to join Samsung Fire & Marine. We also gathered information that could definitely help us prepare for the next season. Yoo Kwang-woo said, “I think it will be a reference because it has been officially revealed that if you do well in the serve and these parts, you can break Yosubani’s rhythm.”

As can be seen from the heated cheering match, the confrontation between the two teams was very fierce. One opponent even provoked Korean Air players. Yoo Kwang-woo said, “It was really stimulating. But it didn’t matter because we couldn’t understand it.” Regarding the last Bahraini crowd cheering, he said, “I thought it was our cheering and just did it, so it was okay.”

Korean Air, which won 3-0 against Australia’s Canberra Heat the previous day, secured 2nd place in the group regardless of the result of their match against Jakarta’s Baankara on the 16th, accumulating 6 points through a 3-0 shutout victory for two days in a row. held the river advance. Even if they do not collect points on the 6th, advance to the quarterfinals is confirmed. And if they win against Carta, they can aim to advance to the quarterfinals by finishing first in the group.

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