DB Kang Sang-jae, who has been reborn as the ‘Prince of Kim Joo-seong’, is no longer indispensable to the team.

 Acting coach Kim Joo-seong gave infinite trust to ‘Prince’ Kang Sang-jae.

Wonju DB forward Kang Sang-jae안전놀이터 (28, 200cm) struggled with 15 points, 3 rebounds and 6 assists in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball match against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation held at Wonju Sports Complex on the 25th. DB won a thrilling come-from-behind victory over Gas Corporation by 1 point (84-83), igniting the fire to advance to PO.

He was a DB who was aiming for 5 wins in a row, but he got off to a bad start. The cards Ho-Young Jeong and Seung-Wook Choi, which came out with Lee Dae-sung’s custom tactics, failed, and DB finished the first half behind by 10 points (39-49). Neither the offense nor defense could find a clue as they struggled with out-of-bounds hunting and Gas Corporation’s defense of the paint zone.

DB’s concentration on winning streak shone from the second half. As soon as the second half started, Kim Jong-kyu, Lee Seon Albano, and Kang Sang-jae added to the score, and the well-organized team defense began to match.

DB started the second half behind by 10 points, but it quickly gained momentum and tied the score in 3 minutes and 14 seconds from the start of the 3rd quarter. Even after that, it seemed to succeed in reversing by creating a tie twice.

However, the turnover and the reversal of the shot were unsuccessful. In particular, Kang Sang-jae struggled under intense pressure from the opponent, committing 4 turnovers, the most in the team.

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