Dong-A University Kim Jun-seok, leveling the sand… Haksan Kim Seong-ryul-bae Jangsa Ssireum Championship also won

Donga University Kim Jun-seok won the national competition once again and conquered the sand board.

The Busan City Ssireum Association announced that Kim Jun-seok won the gold medal in the 20th Haksan Kim Seong-ryul Cup National Master Ssireum Competition, which ended at the Jinhae Cultural Center Gymnasium in Changwon안전놀이터, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 3rd.

In the finals of the warrior class, Kim Joon-seok succeeded in using a taller height (187 cm) and defeated Jang Min-gyu (Dankook University) 2-0. It is the second consecutive victory following the 53rd President’s National Business Ssireum Competition. Kim Joon-seok drives his momentum and aims for the national championship this year.

Even though Shin Geon, who entered the same school as a freshman this year, ranked 3rd in the university department’s business class (-140kg).

In the high school team competition, Busan Ban Girls’ High School took the runner-up. Ban Girls’ High School advanced to the semifinals by defeating Gumi Hyeonil High School and Jeonbuk Chilbogo in turn. In the semi-finals, they beat Chuncheon Mechanical Technical High School 4-3 and advanced to the final. However, in the final, Jinju’s prestigious Ssireum Gyeongnam Information High School unfortunately missed the championship by 1-4.

Seong Tae-yong from a class of girls’ high school was runner-up in the high school individual competition (-75kg), and Eom Ga-ram of the same school took third place in the light general class (-70kg).

In the middle school warrior class (-80kg), Choi Ye-joon took 3rd place during the transfer. Heo Eun-woo and Bae Hyun-jin of Anak Elementary School ranked second respectively in the Yongjang class (-55kg) and the History class (-70kg) in the elementary school.

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