‘Dream of promotion’ due to defeat in the final game → Drinking all night → Fans furious “When are you going to the PL?” vs “Can’t we have dinner?”

 How do fans feel about the team drinking all night after the season ends?

Millwall, a member of the British Championship (second division), lost 3-4 at home against Blackburn in the final round of the 46th round of the 2022/23 season championship held on the 8th (Korean time), missing the last chance for promotion to the Premier League this season. 

Millwall, originally in 7th place, could have finished the season by climbing two places to 5th place with 71 points if they had won the final game against Blackburn. Since the 4 teams from 3rd to 6th in the championship will play a promotion playoff with one ticket to the Premier League next season, if they finished only in 5th place안전놀이터, they could also aim for promotion to the Premier League.

However, Millwall lost the opportunity to advance to the promotion by losing the final game, and Sunderland, who won the final game instead of Millwall, climbed to 6th place and participated in the promotion playoffs.

As a London-based team, it forms a rivalry with West Ham, but after being relegated in 1990, it continues its history of suffering that has never climbed to the English first division. It has never played in the Premier League since it was founded in 1992.

In the midst of this, a fight broke out as the players who soothed their sorrow of missing the promotion opportunity with alcohol and the fans who witnessed them criticized and defended them. 

British media Daily Mail reported on the 10th that “emotional Millwall players had their dream of promotion to the Premier League disappear, and immediately spent the night drinking and karaoke the day they fell.” 

The Daily Mail noted, “The Millwall players missed out on a playoff chance and were seen enjoying a night out for hours. After dinner and drinks, they headed to karaoke to cheer each other up.”

“The players posed and took pictures with their girlfriends outside a restaurant, and went to karaoke. Fans who posted videos of them sarcastically commented, ‘You look very disappointed’ and posted a crying emoji,” he added. 

Fans poured out different opinions on the actions of the Millwall players and had a discussion on social media. 

Fans who did not like the behavior reacted negatively, saying, “Embarrassed”, “They should be reduced to ashes”, “I would be embarrassed to go out”, “When will we go to the Premier League”.

On the other hand, fans who say that season-ending players deserve a break say, “Their season is over,” “They deserve to have fun,” “We are all human, and we deserve to live to the fullest no matter what.” has advocated

Millwall’s first entry into the Premier League, which is almost impossible to catch, missed the golden opportunity, so it is not known when this opportunity will be seized.

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