Education of children is like Woods… How Parents Raise Good Players

How to raise a good golf player, you can follow Tiger Woods (USA), the ‘golf emperor’.

On the 17th (Korean time), US Golf Digest shed light on Woods and his son Charlie, who are drawing attention every day ahead of the PNC Championship. The theme is ‘The Secret to Being a Good Golf Dad’.

Charlie has not yet announced that he will become a golf player, but he has been steadily participating in junior golf competitions and has been participating in the PNC Championship since 2020, showing steady growth. He may be overshadowed by the halo of his father, whom everyone in the world would know, but this year, he is getting more attention than his father at the competition.

Golf Digest said, “It’s a tough road to walk as a parent, but if any parent knows where the road is, it’s Woods. Woods said his father played a very active role in his self-development when he was a junior, and Tiger is still very grateful.” . 토토

Woods said, “I am fortunate that my father was interested in golf and understood the sport. Because my father also played sports,” Woods said. I want to teach them, which is very important as a parent.”

The way to be a good golf player parent, Woods said, is support and encouragement. In any sport, to be a good father to an athlete is to encourage and support the athlete. Don’t push the players.

Another thing you shouldn’t do, bad golf player parents are to pressure and control the player. “Parents need to help players get through it,” Woods said. “If you cross the line and forcefully treat them, they won’t learn the lesson that sports teach and become great.”

This means giving support and encouragement to the players so that they can grow well, but not putting too much pressure on them. Woods doesn’t point out his swing to Charlie even on the field. Because he’s just a father, not a coach. However, when Charlie made a good shot during the competition, he was caught many times cheering with a big smile.

The son’s growth is welcome, and the same goes for his father, Woods. “When I step out of my caddy or watch him play, what impresses me most is the practice of breaking away from certain patterns,” Woods said.

It means that simply increasing the distance or improving the physical condition is not a good thing. “I always tell Charlie why we’re doing this, so that he can come back to this level without me,” Woods said.