Establishment of women’s soccer team with 20 Jeju Seojung players… Inheritance of Jeju women’s secondary soccer ‘MAC’

 Jeju women’s secondary soccer, which is in danger of being cut off, dreams of a new leap forward by founding a new team.

Jeju Seo Middle School held an inauguration ceremony for the women’s soccer team at the school gymnasium on the 31st카지노사이트.

Jeju Seo Middle School founded the women’s soccer team to solve the problem of the women’s soccer club at Jocheon Middle School being disbanded in December of last year, and to solve the problem of the interruption of the career of excellent elementary school players in the province and going to school outside the province.

The soccer team consisted of one coach, one coach, and 20 players.

The West China women’s soccer team plans to participate in several national competitions, starting with the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival. Through this, the plan is to expand the base of women’s sports, such as revitalizing sports for girls in middle school and developing women’s soccer in Jeju.

Cho Cheonjung, which was founded in 2011, disbanded at the end of 12 years of history as the conditions for sustaining the team were not prepared due to the problem of supply and demand of players.

Because of this, there were concerns that soccer players centered on Noh Hyeong-cho and Donam-cho would have difficulty entering higher schools. Some players go on to other provinces, but many are said to be giving up their careers.

As a result, the need to establish a team has been raised around the provincial soccer world.

Jeju women’s soccer has produced many national and national team players while achieving good results in national competitions such as the National Youth Sports Festival.

Currently, national team A’s built-in center back Lim Seon-joo (Hyundai Steel) and Go Min-jeong (Changnyeong WFC) are on the national team, and Kang Ji-woo (Daejeon Sports Toto) also played an active part in the national team. There are Kim Eun-joo (Ulsan University of Science) and Ko Da-yeong (Daedeok University, Daejeon), who served as captains of the U20 Women’s World Cup team in August last year.

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