‘Excluding the 2nd camp’ 11.5 billion pitchers sigh “It was a miracle to participate in the Olympics”… When is the first team challenge?

Actually, I wasn’t in good condition during the Olympics. I think it was a miracle.”

He quickly adapted to the new team. It has been 18 years since his debut. Veteran pitcher Cha Woo-chan (36), who is waiting for the opening, has a mysterious mind.

Cha Woo-chan left early for Guam on January 20th and enthusiastically participated in the spring camp held in Guam for about a month. It was difficult because it was physical training that he received after a long time, but it came as a deep impression to himself.토토사이트

However, Cha Woo-chan was included in the second return list announced on the 18th. Lotte explained, “The future training camps in Japan (Ishigaki, Okinawa) are mainly composed of players who will compete in real battles.” Cha Woo-chan plans to improve his condition at Sangdong Futures Camp and aim for a sortie in the regular season.

He was the backbone of the Samsung Lions dynasty. He did his job both as a starter and in the bullpen. This is the reason why he received the highest free agent amount for a pitcher at the time of 4 years and 9.5 billion won while transferring to the LG Twins. LG also played 541 innings for 3 years and posted double-digit wins for 3 consecutive years.

However, the 3-year, 2 billion won free agent contract was not implemented well. Repeated shoulder injuries since 2020 have been a problem. He participated in the Tokyo Olympics held immediately after returning in 2021, but the injury flared up again afterwards. He underwent surgery and committed to rehabilitation.

In September of last year, he pitched in two games in the Futures League. Cha Woo-chan looked back, saying, “It was a miracle during the Tokyo Olympics, and now I’m in the process of undergoing surgery and rehabilitating.” Cha Woo-chan, who was released after the season ended, made a new home in Lotte. A third team that may be the last.

Until he came to Lotte, he passed by Jeon Jun-woo, Ahn Chi-hong, Park Se-woong, and Kim Jin-wook in the national team once. Instead, there are pitching coach Bae Young-soo, training coach Kim Hyun-wook, and power analysis coordinator Heo Sam-young, who have been working together for a long time. I met Kim Sang-soo again after the Samsung days.

Coach Kim Hyun-wook’s hell conditioning was surprisingly well tolerated. In particular, his running skills are second to none of his younger friends. Cha Woo-chan sighed, “I am still confident in my physical strength. I just need my shoulders to be okay…”. The desire to return quickly is like a chimney, but things in the world do not go according to one’s will. Still full of question marks.

“I can’t pitch all my strength, and I think it can be seen as a situation where 60-70% come and go. If it’s not good, take a little break… The start feels very different. Everyone is waiting for the season to start, but I’m watching after the start… ‘Slowly, take it easy’ It is said, but the clue ‘as long as you are healthy’ is very big and heavy.”

I was immersed in training, but my heart suffered so much that my lips broke. Cha Woo-chan laughed, saying, “It’s been a while since I trained like this, so I’m having fun, but my body seems to react differently.”

Lotte and Cha Woo-chan’s point of view is around the end of June or the beginning of July. Cha Woo-chan said, “Wouldn’t it be difficult to go beyond that period? I don’t have much time left either. I decided to just think that things would get better.”

“Lotte’s pitching staff is really good. They are young and talented, but there are many players with a lot of experience. The atmosphere in the team is so good that I’m getting a good influence. I’m sorry I can’t do my part. I just want to give back.”

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