Exfoliating feet to make coffee…ends up apologizing as controversy grows

Theventy, a franchise coffee brand, has issued an apology after its so-called “flaky coffee” was criticized for poor hygiene.

On March 9, an online community, Natepan, published a post titled “I’m reporting a hygiene problem at a cafe.

In the post, a photo of a franchisee of Theventy was released along with a write-up stating that the coffee was made with hands that were exfoliating their feet먹튀검증.

“I paid for my coffee at the kiosk and was waiting when the owner, who was exfoliating his feet inside, suddenly came out and made my coffee. He was still wearing the gloves he was using to exfoliate his feet,” she said.

After calling the company’s customer center to explain the situation and ask for a refund, Mr. A said he received a response from the company’s headquarters that said, “There is nothing we can do about it, but we will strengthen hygiene training,” which caused outrage on social media.

As the controversy grew, Theventy posted an official apology on its website, promising to respond with thorough hygiene training and prompt follow-up procedures in the future.

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