FA Mia’ Jeong Chan-heon took the last chance with ‘SAT’

An official from Kiwoom said on the 26th, “We recently met with Jeong Chan-heon’s agent and agreed on the policy of signing and trading in order to open the way for the player.”

Previously, Jeong Chan-heon exercised his first free agent rights acquired after the end of last season, but he could not find his team for the 2023 season even ahead of his departure from spring camp. Kiwoom did not open a free agency negotiation table with Jeong Chan-heon, and a few teams showed interest, but they did not reach a specific contract stage. With this decision, a lamp of hope was turned on in the path of Jung Chan-heon, who was actually drifting beyond the risk of becoming a missing FA.

Initially, Kiwoom took a passive stance on Chan-heon Jeong’s signature and trade, but recently made a sweeping decision to receive only compensation money without receiving compensation players. In the past, Kiwoom received various rewards such as compensation money and compensation players while transferring multiple players such as Chae Tae-in through a sign-and-trade method.

In the case of Jeong Chan-heon, as a B grade, when other clubs recruited free agents, they had to compensate 25 players and one other player and 100% of the previous season’s annual salary of 280 million won or 200% of the annual salary without a compensation player of 560 million won. In this case, it was decided to receive compensation only to ease the burden of the transfer.

Previously, Kiwoom selected sidearm pitcher Lee Kang-joon (22) as a compensation player when Han Hyun-hee (29) signed a free agent contract and transferred to Lotte. It was a long-term goal by securing promising players. In Chan-heon Jeong’s sign and trade this time, he chose a direction that opened up a path for the player.

It is known that about 1 club in the metropolitan area and 2 clubs in the region were interested in the possibility of a sign-and-trade for Jeong Chan-heon. However, due to reasons such as the burden of compensation and concerns about conditions, it was not led to specific steps. 안전놀이터

Currently, the plan for each team’s power is over to some extent, such as the list of members joining the spring camp. However, it is expected that some teams that want to reinforce the veteran pitcher’s depth may show interest in Jeong Chan-heon.

Jeong Chan-heon, who was nominated as a pro in 2008 in the 1st round of the 2nd round of LG, recorded 48 wins, 53 losses, 46 saves and 28 holds, and an average ERA of 4.80 in 389 games, saving many seasons and building a variety of careers as a starter in the recent season.

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