Fan service is also ‘Wolcle’… Son Heung-min, flight time delayed by 20 minutes due to fan sign

National team captain Son Heung-min has left for England. Son Heung-min signed autographs and greeted hundreds of fans who came to the airport to see him, and the fans were moved by this.

Reporter Seok Min-hyeok has been there.

Son Heung-min appeared at the airport waving both hands and said, 

“Please give me my autograph.”

Even though it was a private schedule, the departure hall was already full of fans. Everyone is busy getting their autographs with their uniforms.

Fans’ requests for autographs, which were not originally planned, continued for about an hour, and  the

“Happy Birthday”

flight time was delayed by about 20 minutes, but Son Heung-min signed autographs for each fan without showing any displeasure.   

Jaemin Cho / 6th grade, Yeongdo Elementary School, Seoul
“Thank you so much for the fan service, I feel good after receiving his autograph, and thanks to Son Heung-min, I’m proud to

be a Korean. “

On the 22nd, there is a friendly match against French team Nice at home, but it seems that he will take a break as his physical condition is still not normal.  

His comeback against Brentford is highly likely. 안전놀이터

For the time being, there is a high possibility of wearing a mask and playing in the league as well.

Son Heung-min / 7 days
“It’s okay, first of all, since my team’s game starts again on the 26th, I’m certain that I need to improve my condition and physical condition in line with the game…” Lee Kang-in, who confirmed his potential in Qatar, left for Spain

. , Coach Bento, who led the national team for 4 years and 4 months, is also returning to his hometown of Portugal today.

This is Seok Min-hyeok from TV Chosun.

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