Fearing deportation, foreigners fled through the windows of the police station… 5 out of 10 recruits secured

Five new recruits have been secured among foreign gambling suspects who fled en masse from the police district.

According to the Gwangju Gwangsan Police Station on the 11th, two Vietnamese foreigners who were being pursued by the police on charges of escaping and gambling went to the Gwangju Immigration Office on their own this afternoon and reported them. Five new recruits have been secured among 10 people who fled from the police station먹튀검증, including two who surrendered to the police before them and one who was arrested.

After identifying the fleeing Vietnamese, the police encouraged them to surrender through lovers or acquaintances. Fearing forcible deportation, those who recklessly fled from the camp felt psychological pressure and turned themselves in one after another.

The police are also looking for the whereabouts of the other five people who are hiding.

A group escape of foreigners who had been arrested for gambling occurred at 6:40 am on the same day in Wolgok district, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju.

On that day, 23 Vietnamese people who gambled in a house in Wolgok-dong were arbitrarily escorted to the district by the police, who were dispatched to a report from residents around 3:00 am.

The police were checking the identities and gambling funds of those arrested by going back and forth in the meeting room, but no police officers were assigned to monitor them.

Taking advantage of the lack of surveillance, they escaped one by one through the conference room window. The police only recognized the escape at around 6:40 am, when 10 people fled, and it is estimated that the group escape took place for about 20 minutes from around 6:20 am.

The window used for the escape is a ‘system window’ that can be tilted outward by about 15 degrees, and the wide open space is only about 20 cm.

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