Federer’s 8-time championship Wimbledon refusal… You said the guard didn’t know?

Roger Federer, the world’s most famous and popular tennis legend, has revealed that he was denied entry to Wimbledon because he did not have a membership card.

According to a recent report by British media Mirror, Federer visited London, England, for an appointment with a doctor two weeks ago. On his way to London, Federer stopped by the All England Club, the site of Wimbledon, to meet his coach for a cup of tea. But he couldn’t get through the door. A female security guard stopped him saying he did not have a membership card.

Federer tried everything he could to convince the guards, but failed. When he wins Wimbledon he automatically becomes a member of the club. Federer even said that he was an eight-time winner of Wimbledon, but the guard was unmoved.

Federer told this story on the popular American TV show ‘The Daily Show’ hosted by Trevor Noah.
“To be honest, I don’t know where my membership card is,” Federer said. It’s probably somewhere in your house. But right now I’m on a trip so I don’t know what to do. but i am a member I really want to know where it will go.” 토토

Federer asked again and again, saying that it was his first visit outside of the tournament, so he was asking where to go, but the security guard did not change his attitude.

Federer got back to his car and decided to look the other way. He was fortunate enough to get into the club by meeting some security guards who were aware of his accomplishments here.

Federer said on the air that Rafael Nadal was the first person outside of his team to tell him about his decision to retire.

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