‘Fierce eyes without a smile’…alumni didn’t recognize Jung Yoo-jeong’s graduation photo

High school classmates have reported that Jung Yoo-jeong, 23, who murdered a female classmate and disposed of her body, did not interact with her friends even when she was in school.
High School Alumni: “Jung Yoo-jeong was hiding behind a curtain…she had no presence”
According to MBN on July 7, Jung Yoo Jung’s high school classmates said that she was a “quiet friend who didn’t get along well.” Alumnus A said, “She didn’t really talk, went alone, and had no presence in the class.” Alumnus B said, “She didn’t have any friends at that time.”

Alumnus B recalled, “She didn’t return my greetings when I said hello,” and “she didn’t talk much and didn’t answer (when I spoke to her).” Jung was reportedly never bullied by her classmates.

Alumnus C recalled her behavior in the classroom as “always being behind the curtain and eating her snack alone behind the curtain.” In response to the behavior of hiding behind the curtain, Sang-hoon Bae, a professor of police administration at Woosuk University, said, “She is trying to hide herself, but it seems to be quite defensive.” “It is likely that she is a reclusive loner with very low self-esteem.”
New photo of ‘reclusive loner’ Jung Yoo-jeong토토사이트…even her alumni didn’t recognize her

Jung Yoo-jeong. / Yonhap

A high school graduation photo was also released to the media on the same day, which is very different from the image of Jung Yoo-jeong known through the new release. The photo with the glasses looks similar to her new photo, but the photo without the glasses has been criticized for making her eyes look a bit sharp. Jung’s high school classmates said they didn’t recognize him even after his mugshot became public.

According to his classmates, he remained a “reclusive loner” after graduation. Some have raised concerns that her reclusive status may have played a role in her crimes, but experts have also analyzed that it is difficult to rule out the possibility.

On CBS Radio’s Kim Hyun-jung’s news show on Feb. 2, lawyer Son Soo-ho said, “It is possible that Jung Yoo-jung has committed crimes thousands or tens of thousands of times in her imagination while indulging in her own interests and crimes, and this time, for whatever reason, she was able to execute them in reality.” He pointed out, “It cannot be said that being a reclusive loner itself leads to crime, but if it goes badly, it can lead to a terrible crime.”

Lee Soo-jeong, a professor of criminal psychology at Kyungpook National University, also said on YTN Newsreader on March 3, “Does this mean that all reclusive loners become murderers, absolutely not. Rather, they tend to do a lot of things that are much more dangerous to themselves,” she said, adding, “It’s hard to say that reclusive loners are the cause of crime, but there are one or two people out of every 100 who explosively externalize the breakdown of their social relationships into problematic behavior, which is really rare.”
A psychopathy score of 28…higher than serial killer Ho-Soon Kang

Jung Jeong-jeong (23), who was arrested on suspicion of killing a fellow woman she met through an online tutoring app and then mutilating and disposing of her body, is being transferred to the prosecution at Dongnae Police Station in Busan on the morning of Feb. 2. / Yonhap News

According to police, Jung’s psychopathic index was in the 28-point range. The test, which consists of 20 questions, assesses psychopathic traits such as guilt, remorse, lack of empathy, callousness, impulsivity, and irresponsibility. Jung’s psychopathy score exceeded that of Kang Ho-soon (27), who was sentenced to death in 2009 for the serial kidnapping and murder of women, including his mother-in-law and wife, between 2005 and 2008. She is only one point behind child sex offender Cho Doo-soon (29).

Jung’s identity was revealed through the Busan National Police Agency’s identity disclosure committee on Nov. 1. Jung approached the victim through a tutoring app, asking to “tutor my middle school daughter,” and committed the crime on March 26. There was no connection through the app, and she approached the victim pretending to be a parent. She later bought a school uniform through a second-hand store and met the victim.

The crime took place at the victim’s home, where he took her cell phone, ID, and wallet as if she were missing. Jung’s crime was uncovered by police who responded to a call from a taxi driver who thought it was strange that Jung had dumped the bloodstained suitcase in the woods. During the police investigation, Jung confessed to the crime on March 31, saying, “I did it because I wanted to kill.” “I think I was out of my mind,” she said during a prosecution remand on Feb. 2.

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