Flexible and agile coping with variables… Pohang and director Kim Ki-dong’s ‘changing’ continues

This season, coach Kim Ki-dong and Pohang Steelers’ ‘changing’ continue.

Pohang is one of the 3 teams without a loss in the K-League 1 until the 3rd round. After winning 2 consecutive wins in the opening game, they met Daejeon Hana Citizen in the 3rd round and drew 0-0 without scoring안전놀이터. The match against Daejeon was not a disappointing draw. This is because defender Ha Chang-rae was sent off in the 35th minute of the first half, and for 65 minutes, one player suffered from a low number. Coach Kim said after the game, “I scored one point in a difficult situation. This is the reason he expressed satisfaction, saying, “It will be a good opportunity beyond scoring 3 points.”

In the match against Daejeon, coach Kim filled the void left by Ha Chang-rae with right-sided defender Park Seung-wook. Park Seung-wook was an all-weather ‘multiplayer’, regardless of position, even last season. In the second half, striker Kim Seung-dae was effectively used as a side defender, and efforts were made to stop Seo Young-jae’s overlapping and crosses, one of the offensive routes in Daejeon. Pohang, who endured like that, secured 1 point in the away game.

However, with Ha Chang-rae’s unexpected departure, another change is inevitable. Ha Chang-rae missed two games. Compared to other positions, Pohang does not have a thick central defensive depth. Asian Quarter defender Alex Grant was sidelined for three games with a knee injury. I joined the team training, but it is unknown whether I will play against Gangwon FC in the 4th round. Practical sense is the problem.

If that happens, there is a high possibility that Park Seung-wook, who played the role of central defender in the match against Daejeon, will work with existing defender Park Chan-yong. Park Seung-wook’s right flank defense can be played by Shin Kwang-hoon, who is improving his physical condition, or Park Gun-woo, an under-22 (U-22) who made his professional debut against Suwon FC in the second round. Kim Yong-hwan is also waiting.

Before the start of the season, Pohang was evaluated as having deteriorated compared to last season due to the departure of Shin Jin-ho (Incheon United). Nevertheless, both the contents and results of the early season are not bad. The combination of Oberdan and Kim Jong-woo, who were wrapped in a veil, is better than expected. The play style, which used to be a lot of transition passes, changed in a short period of time to a short pass. Even during the game, Kim Jong-woo and Oberdan change their positions, and are flexible enough to attack the opponent appropriately. Director Kim led Pohang with his unique crisis management ability and flexibility and achieved results. Even this season, that ‘changing’ is Pohang’s biggest weapon.

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