From Neymar to this player… What is the FW that ‘Infinite Greed’ Chelsea ‘intuitively’?

Chelsea’s greed knows no bounds.

Following Neymar, 바카라사이트 Victor Osimen is expected to spur the strengthening of offense.

Recently, it was revealed that the owner of Chelsea Tote Volley flew to Paris, the hometown of PSG, to sign Neymar, visited the PSG club, and negotiated with Neymar’s agent.

Neymar is also looking for a new destination in the PSG rebuilding, which is centered on Kylian Mbafe, and it has become a possible scenario for him to advance to the Premier League for the first time in his life, and furthermore, to Chelsea.

Chelsea are also looking for a target striker. This is because he is eyeing Osimen, who is active in Naples, a team belonging to Kim Min-jae, an

Recently, a scout has been dispatched to keep a close eye on the situation.

On the 18th, Area Napoli, a local newspaper in Naples, said, “It turned out that Frankfurt and Chelsea officials watched the match at the home match between Naples and Sassuolo on the 18th.” It is because we will face Napoli in the first leg of the river,” he said.

The media continued, “Why did the Chelsea scout watch the game? It is because Chelsea is very interested in Osimen. They will try to recruit Osimen in the summer transfer market.”

Osimen is close to becoming the top scorer with 18 goals in 19 Serie A games this season. Including the Champions League and Coppa Italia, he scored 19 goals in 23 matches.

Osimen, who boasts nearly one goal per game in the big leagues, has already exceeded 100 million euros (approximately 135 billion won), and is considered the biggest player in the transfer market this summer.With Manchester United already showing interest in him, Chelsea also jumped in. Chelsea are struggling because they do not have the number 9, which means a striker, despite signing a string of top-notch players such as Mihailo Mudrik, Enso Fernandez, and Joao Felix.

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