“From today, you are my dream…” Qatari royal family ‘official bid’ to buy Manchester United

Qatari royal family rolls up arms to buy Manchester United Following Paris Saint-Germain, he challenges to advance to the Premier League. 카지노 The initial bid amount is also astronomical.

British media ‘Sky Sports’ reporter Kabeh Solekh announced on the 17th (Korean time), “The Qatari royal family is making a bid to acquire Manchester United.” Afterwards, ‘Sky Sports’ reported that “it was confirmed that the proposed amount of Qatar’s royal family is 5 billion pounds (approximately 7.74 trillion won).”

The Glazers first bought Manchester United shares in 2003. In 2005, he acquired Manchester United for £790 million and became the majority shareholder. However, it was criticized by fans for managing the Glazer family rather than financially for the team.

In November of last year, the club announced its plan to sell Manchester United through the official website. The Glazer family “considers all strategic alternatives, including new investments in the club, sales or other transactions related to the company. Redevelopment of stadiums and infrastructure, redevelopment of stadiums and infrastructure, in the context of enhancing the long-term success of the club’s men’s, women’s and all academies; It includes an evaluation of strengthening the club, including the expansion of the club’s commercial operations.”

There have been many rumors about the sale of Manchester United, but Qatari capital is expected to be invested in earnest. Various investment bodies, including the royal family of Qatar, have jumped into the bid for Manchester United. The official bid deadline set by Manchester United is until the 17th.

The Qatari royal family will offer an initial purchase price of 5 billion pounds (about 7.74 trillion won). However, the Glazer family is planning to sell Manchester United for around 9 trillion won. The Qatari royal family’s amount is less than the Glazers thought.

If a Qatari capital buys Manchester United, it wants to improve everything. Money is invested everywhere, including remodeling stadiums and training grounds. British journalist ‘Tom McDermitt’ said, “If Qatari capital succeeds in acquiring Manchester United, we will promise manager Eric ten Hag to sign Mbappe. We will provide whatever is necessary to sign Mbappe.” .

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