Golden Home Hwang Seon-woo “Improved turn and dolphin kick… I can go to the highest place”

“If I maintain this skill well, I think I can rise to the highest position.” Hwang Seon-woo (Gangwon Provincial Office), the star of Korean swimming, returned home with a gold medal around his neck.

Hwang Seon-woo, who won the gold medal with a new Asian record, returned home through Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 20th.

Hwang Seon-woo won the gold medal in the men’s 200m freestyle final at the 2022 International Swimming Federation (FINA) Short Course World Swimming Championships with a record of 1:39:72, achieving her second consecutive victory.

Moreover, Hwang Seon-woo broke the previous Asian record (1:40:99) by 1 second and 27 seconds in two days as he scrambled as the first swimmer of the national team in the men’s 800m relay final of this event.

In addition, he vomited his spirit by breaking the record of 1:40:95 set by Danas Lapsis (Lithuania) at the 2018 Hangzhou Games in China.

You can even break world records. This record by Hwang Seon-woo is only 0.35 seconds behind the world record (1:39:37) set in 2009 by Paul Biedermann (Germany) wearing a full body swimsuit.

After returning to Korea, Hwang Seon-woo said, “It seems to have been a very satisfying game to achieve two consecutive victories. I reduced the 200m freestyle record by about 2 seconds at this year’s World Short Course Championships. I feel that the turn section and dolphin kick have improved a lot.”

Next, Hwang Seon-woo looked back and said, “I think I gained a lot of skills that I couldn’t get in Korea during the training camp in Australia.”

It was a valuable gold medal won by overcoming injuries and difficult conditions. Hwang Seon-woo suffered an injury to his right middle finger during the final touch of the qualifying match. In addition, this tournament, which was held in an outdoor swimming pool, had difficulty adjusting the condition due to the game held in cold weather. 토토사이트

In addition, Hwang Seon-woo raced in lane 8, which was at a considerable disadvantage in the finals. However, he showed off his superpowers by overcoming all odds and being the first to take a picture of the touchpad.

Hwang Seon-woo said, “During the 200m preliminaries, I made a mistake in the touch during the hectic race. My index and middle fingers were severely bent, so the pain was so severe that I couldn’t get enough strength in my hands.” While doing so, I spent time with the thought, ‘Let’s get through it once’,” recalling the injury process.

At the same time, Hwang Seon-woo said, “I really thought about giving up because I was in so much pain two hours before the game, but I still thought that it was a real opportunity to go up to 8th place.

Hwang Seon-woo, who writes a new history of Korean swimming every year, will continue his great journey next year. He is aiming for gold again at the World Championships in Fukuoka and the Asian Games in Hangzhou, which will be held next year.

Hwang Seon-woo said, “This year, I won medals at both the Long Course World Championships (200m freestyle silver medal) and the Short Course World Championships, and broke my personal record. I have spent this year working hard and have accumulated a lot of experience. I want to focus on making better records.”