‘Gut problems’ that don’t go away… the problem is ‘this food’

Irritable bowel syndrome is a relatively common condition that causes uncontrollable bowel movements and abdominal pain. It’s estimated that 90% of people with irritable bowel syndrome have food triggers. Avoiding foods can help relieve symptoms메이저사이트.

According to a Korean study, the most common foods that cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation in Koreans are FODMAP foods (63%). FODMAP foods are foods high in FODMAPs (galactan, fructan, lactose, fructose, polyols, etc.), which are sugars that are not well absorbed in the intestines and remain fermented. They are poorly broken down by digestive enzymes and mostly remain in the large intestine, where they retain water, causing diarrhea, and the fermentation process by gut microbes produces gas, causing bloating.

Targeted FODMAP foods include raw garlic, raw onions, cabbage, beans, apples, pears, watermelon, peaches, and various food sauces. In addition, high-fat foods such as jjajangmyeon, pork belly, pizza, and hamburgers, gluten foods such as ramen, and dairy products such as milk can also cause intestinal distress.

High-fat foods are particularly prone to diarrhea. Not only are they hard to digest, but they also release a lot of hormones that speed up intestinal movements. Gluten foods are foods that contain gluten, an insoluble protein, most commonly found in flour. Digestive enzymes are unable to break it down, so it stays in the intestines, ferments, and produces gas. Milk is another common trigger. This is because few people have the digestive enzymes to break down the lactose in dairy products. Lactose also stays in the intestines, ferments, and produces gas.

In order to prevent food intolerance, it”s helpful to keep a “food diary” where you write down what you eat every day and whether or not you experience stomach pain, diarrhea, etc. Once you recognize which foods are problematic for you, you can start to eliminate them.

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