Ha-seong Kim facing Kershaw again, will he shake off last year’s sluggishness?

Kim Ha-seong faces the league’s best pitcher, Clayton Kershaw. 

The prelude to the 2023 MLB National League Western War rises. The first rivalry match of the season between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres will be held for three days from 10:40 am on the 6th (Sat) in Korea time. This three-game series is expected to be a series in which the direction of the two teams can be predicted in advance this season.

In the last 2022 season, the LA Dodgers had an overwhelming advantage against San Diego. In particular, in the regular season, they won 14-5 and did not even lose a single series.

Kim Ha-seong also remained silent in the regular season, accepting a disappointing report card of 8 hits (1 home run) in 59 at-batsㅋㅋㅋ벳. His batting average was 0.136.

But we don’t know yet about this season. Already, Ha-sung Kim’s bat has survived the 3-game series against Cincinnati. Ha-seong Kim led the team’s victory with a double and a 3-run home run on the 2nd, and also broke his MLB career 100th RBI that day. If Ha-seong Kim plays in the game on the 6th, he will have a pitching match with Kershaw.

Ha-seong Kim had a solo home run in 2021 against Kershaw in his major league career, and last year, he did not even hit or go on base. He is, like his name, a fearsome opponent.

Kershaw, a living legend of the Dodgers who is recording 5 wins and 1 loss this season, delivered an impressive performance last month against the New York Mets with 9 strikeouts and no run pitching in 7 innings. In addition, he also showed off his ace dignity, such as achieving his 200th major league career win in the game that day. Attention is focusing on whether Kershaw, who is running toward the MLB career record of 3,000 strikeouts, can achieve ‘Six Wins in the Season’ against ‘Underdog’ San Diego.

Meanwhile, San Diego’s Joe Musgrove, who will help Kim Ha-seong and take responsibility for the team’s victory, is also seeking revenge.

Musgrove earned his first win of the season on April 23, in his first appearance of the season, giving up 3 runs on 7 hits and striking out 6 in 5 innings. And in the game against San Francisco, which was his second game of the season, he had a hard time with 6 hits and 7 runs, including 3 homers, in 3.1 innings. Will Musgrove be able to put a brake on the Dodgers’ winning streak?

Whether Kim Ha-seong, who has regained his sense of hitting, can harass Kershaw can be confirmed live on the 6th (Sat) at 10:40 am on the SPOTV Prime channel and SPOTV NOW.

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