High school boys get into a fistfight in class…teacher refuses to use cell phone

A video went viral of a teacher looking at her phone while high school boys fought violently in class, punching each other in the face and wrapping their arms around each other’s necks.

The teacher apologized, saying she was too busy texting to see the fight토토사이트.

While some criticized the teacher for neglecting the students, others said, “It’s not the teacher’s fault, but the students’ behavior itself.”

According to a report by Oh My News on May 9, a video taken on May 19 by a first-year A student at a Seoul-area vocational high school showed two students engaged in a fistfight for about a minute.

Even as the fight was going on, Teacher B, who was in the same classroom, was looking at her cell phone and not paying attention to the students.

The video was allegedly taken by a student who was watching the fight between the two boys in a first grade classroom during fourth period on May 19.

Teacher B also faced a disciplinary crisis in June last year for “student neglect” for leaving class without permission.

Teacher B told Oh My News, “I didn’t see the students fighting because I was receiving urgent texts related to chores in class that day. “I couldn’t stop the fight, but after the fight was organized, I called the students aside and reconciled with them. I’m really sorry.”

However, some pointed out that the behavior of the students who fistfought was wrong, not just the teacher.

“It’s the students’ fault for disrespecting the teacher and getting into a fight like that in the first place,” “In today’s world, teachers get sued for stopping kids,” and “There’s no point in blaming the teacher since his authority has long since fallen to the ground,” some commented.

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