Hong Kong football match-fixing incident that hit Hong Kong after players and coaches teamed up and betrayed the team

The match-fixing incident that started in the Chinese Super League is now spreading to Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Anti-Corruption Commission (ICAC) held a press conference on the 16th to reveal in detail the full story of the massive match-fixing incident in the 2022-2023 Hong Kong League 1. ICAC said in a press conference that a total of 23 people were arrested, including one coach and 11 players. ICAC did not inform which team was involved in the match fixing, but many local Hong Kong media pointed to Hong Kong FC.

According to the Chinese media <Chedan Jubo>, there were many suspicious circumstances in the 18 games that Hong Kong FC played in the 2022-2023 season. ICAC Secretary General Liang Xing-ying said that over the past year, he had been collecting evidence related to match-fixing and closely monitoring the team’s performance. According to this, the team is known to have made a simple yet intelligent match fixing. They modified메이저사이트 their tactics to make players play passively, causing them to lose to weak teams, and before the game, they made money through external betting sites. There was also a case of changing tactics after seeing the betting status during the game.

Signs that others cannot recognize seem to have come and gone on the pitch. It seems that the players delivered instructions related to match-fixing to the coaches before the game, and outside illegal bettors inside the stadium communicated with the players or coaches as promised gestures in advance. For example, it was known that it was an act such as using exaggerated gestures or words, stooping, pulling up socks during the game, or removing the hat worn.

It is said that the team involved in the match-fixing paid allowances to the players according to the match results. Reportedly, each player received a minimum of several thousand yuan and a maximum of tens of thousands of yuan per game. Some players even placed bets separately on match-fixing matches and made several times more profit.

Zhuo Ji-sin, head of the Hong Kong Independent Anti-Corruption Commission Secretariat, said it was a case of collusion between leaders and players with outside match-fixing forces, and the club was a complete victim. He said, “While the players benefited from the match-fixing, the team suffered a loss. The club’s reputation was also adversely affected. Through the investigation process, the club management did not know anything about the match-fixing, and the team did not act in this way. I didn’t want to play. The club management is a big victim.”

Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA) president Bei Junchi said, “The association is monitoring all teams in the league. Yes. We will actively cooperate with the ICAC investigation to uncover the culprit.”

Meanwhile, in the recently ended 2022-2023 Hong Kong Premier League, Kichi SC, where Dejan and Kim Shin-wook belong, rose to the top. The Hong Kong FC in question was ranked 6th with 7 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses from 18 matches. The Hong Kong Premier League is a system in which a total of ten teams compete.

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