Hyundai Mobis appoints Kim Do-soo as coach to reinforce coaching staff… “Expected to play a bridging role”

Professional basketball Hyundai Mobis has brought in a new coach.

On the 15th, Hyundai Mobis 메이저사이트announced that it had recruited coach Kim Do-su to reinforce the coaching staff.

Coach Kim has rich experience as a coach for four seasons. He started his professional career at E-Land in 2004 and announced his retirement in 2018 after going through KT and Orion. The following year, he took his first step as an Orion coach and continued his leadership career by serving as the head coach of Hana OneQ and KT coach for women’s professional basketball.

The club said, “Coach Do-soo Kim’s experience as a men’s and women’s basketball coach will be of great help to the team. I look forward to a smooth bridge between the coaching staff and the players,” he explained the background of the recruitment.

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