“I am the main character!”… KIA National pitcher who started baseball while watching Yang Hyeon-jong, throws toward his dream

“I want to start as a starter or finisher, strike out and lead the team to the championship. I want to be the main character!”

Pitcher Kim Jin-seon (17) of the women’s national baseball team, who struck out Japan’s fourth batter in the 9th inning with two out and bases loaded, shouted her ambition to lead the Korean national team to the championship. As a sophomore in high school this year, he got on board for the first time on the national team of his dreams.

Since he started playing baseball in the second year of middle school, it is a dream that he achieved in just three years. There is neither a professional team nor an unemployed team for female baseball players, but Kim Jin-seon chose baseball because he loved the KIA Tigers so much.

“When she was about to start playing sports, her father said, ‘Why don’t you try baseball?’ My father and I are big fans of KIA.”

My favorite player in KIA is Hyeonjong Yang. Kim Jin-seon recited the names of his favorite players, from retired Na Ji-wan and Lee Beom-ho to active national pitcher Lee Eui-ri, but his favorite player is Yang Hyeon-jong, a great pitcher. She set the record for the most strikeouts in the Tigers and started her baseball game by watching Yang Hyeon-jong, who continues to write history.

Kim Jin-sun started baseball relatively late, but quickly rose to prominence. She doubled as a pitcher and hitter on the women’s society baseball team, but she had fully settled as a pitcher just three months ago.

“I lost interest in the infielder. He switched because it was so much fun to strike out as a pitcher.” The national team selection game was ahead, but it was so much fun to play as a pitcher, so I took a risk. And I did it.

Last year, when the age limit was lifted, he challenged the national team, but was unfortunately eliminated in the final. Kim Jin-seon recalled that time and laughed, saying, “I cried for days and days.” This year, she challenged herself again, she finally wore the Taegeuk mark for the first time in her life.

She said her family really liked her, including her father, who encouraged her to play baseball with Kim Jin-sun. “Her parents really liked it,” she said with a proud expression. Like Kim Jin-sun and her role model Yang Hyeon-jong, she threw the ball on the international stage with her Taegeuk mark, which she dreamed of so much.

He has a strong arm as a pitcher. Coach Yang Sang-moon of the national team said of Kim Jin-seon, “The ball is fast.” Kim Jin-seon smiled, saying카지노사이트, “I rather think I’m the first pitcher.” Kim Jin-seon’s fastest ball speed is 105 km per hour, and it is increasing as he trains for his national team.

Kim Jin-seon, who throws a slider and two-seam along with his four-seam, is currently honing his splitter. “He is more confident with two-seam than four-seam,” he said. He pays a lot of attention to ball rotation. If he preferred subordination to restraint, he does.” Kim Jin-seon’s plan to catch hitters by swinging and striking out in the upcoming international tournament is thorough.

His national team training is only for two days on weekends, but Kim Jin-seon feels that even this is not enough, so he is working hard during the week. While he is busy with his studies, he attends lessons twice a week and spends the rest of the time doing rehabilitation exercises mainly on his elbows and shoulders.

He plays baseball every day, but he always enjoys being on the varsity team for the first time in his life and training with his older sisters. Kim Jin-seon, who said, “I really wanted to come to the national team,” is learning a lot from Lotte Giants left-hander coach Yang Sang-moon, as well as former professional baseball pitchers Lee Dong-hyeon and pitching coach Jeong Yong-woon.

“The director also tells me how to use the pelvis and points out how to open the knee. After receiving his training, I can feel his form improving and I can see his improvement. There is so much to learn from coaches and coaches. The training is hard, but it’s really fun.”

The 2023 women’s baseball team, led by coach Yang Sang-moon, will participate in the Asian Cup (BFA) held in Hong Kong on May 26. Will Kim Jin-seon be able to strike out the opponent’s hitter and give Korea a medal as he hoped? The day when a 17-year-old pitcher will throw toward his dream is not far away. 

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