“I couldn’t even distinguish BTS Jin’s face”… Explanation of nursing officer suspected of leaving without permission

“Received a request for vaccination support”
The nursing officer, who was suspected of leaving the workplace without permission to see group BTS member Jin, explained that he had gone to the military unit after receiving a request for work support at the time .

Attorney Kim Gyeong-ho, the legal representative of nurse officer A, revealed on the 20th that “nursing officer A received a request for cooperation from the nursing officer of the 5th Division Recruit Training Center, to which Jin belonged, in mid-January, and visited the 5th Division Shinkyo University and only administered vaccinations.”

The 5th Division, to which Jin belonged, lacked vaccination personnel at the time, so the nursing officer of the unit requested cooperation from A, who worked in a nearby unit, saying, “Injection is a medical act, so not everyone can do it.” claim that it did.

Mr. A said, “At the time, it was a situation where three injections had to be given to each trainee quickly, and he was wearing a mask, so Mr. A could not tell who Jin was토토사이트.” This approved situation is not subject to disciplinary action.”

At the same time, the division medical chief (military surgeon), who is Mr. A’s first commanding officer, also testified that “About a week before the vaccination, Mr. A said that he would return to cooperate with Shinkyo University due to lack of manpower, and on the same day, he reported orally before departure.” A Mr.’s lawyer added.

In addition, Mr. A’s side said, “Jin received three injections and said that he was in pain, and the nursing officer of the medical unit to which Jin belonged only had a conversation after the vaccination, saying, ‘The person who shouted loudly earlier is Bangtan Jin.'” “Mr. He explained that he went to work at his unit and just told the story around him, but it was distorted, exaggerated, and expanded by the informant.”

In March, a nurse officer working at a unit in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do, was suspected of visiting the unit where Jin of BTS was serving without unit approval.

The military authorities have postponed the disciplinary committee against Mr. A, which was scheduled to be held on the 16th, and have requested an investigation by the military prosecution.

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