“I feel sorry for all the players, not just Yeon-kyung” Heungkuk, in danger of a reverse sweep, will the volleyball empress save it?

Can Kim Yeon-kyung save Heungkuk Life Insurance?

Heungkuk Life Insurance, led by coach Marcello Abondanza, lost the match against Korea Expressway Corporation in the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Champions Championship held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 4th, putting it in danger of a reverse sweep.

Heungkuk Life Insurance gave up sets 2, 3, and 4 even after winning the first set. In particular, despite leading 21-16 in the 4th set and opposing ace Park Jung-ah taking a break, she failed to complete the set and collapsed.

Heungkuk Life Insurance easily took the 1st and 2nd games at Incheon home. So far, the probability of winning the first and second rounds of the V-League Championship is 100%. Heungkuk Life Insurance came to Gimcheon with a 100% chance안전놀이터. Because even one win can win, many experts as well as fans viewed Heungkuk Life’s chances of winning as high.

However, if the conditions of the road construction players were not normal in the first and second games, this time Heungkuk Life Insurance players were in trouble. Some players showed symptoms of a cold, and it led to defeat. Also, the lack of concentration was disappointing. It seemed like they were playing separately.

Head coach Abondanza also said, “All the players were disappointing. The first and second games were okay, but in the later games, the blocking and defense details were disappointing.” It’s a pity that I missed the chance enough to think that I’m afraid of winning.”

The momentum of the road construction heading into the last 5 games after winning 2 consecutive wins at home is bound to skyrocket. I came to Gimcheon with the thought of giving away the championship, but thanks to the support of the home fans at the home of Gimcheon, I brought about two consecutive victories that no one expected and caused a change of atmosphere.

Road construction manager Kim Jong-min also said, “In fact, I gave up on the 4th set. However, the players’ last-minute defense was good, and the counterattack process was neat.” He said, “The atmosphere of Game 5 came to us. 0% challenge, worth doing. After coming to Gimcheon, my condition returned to normal. Game 5 will be fun,” he said with confidence.

In the reverse sweep crisis, the player to do is Kim Yeon-kyung. In the last 4 games, Kim Yeon-kyung was far from the Kim Yeon-kyung we knew. Although she posted 24 points, her offensive success rate was low at 34%. This is the first time Kim Yeon-kyung has stayed in the 30% range of her offensive success rate in her championship game. Even in the regular season, there were only six times she had an offensive success rate in the 30% range.

Kim Yeon-kyung is the player who always shows the brightest presence in the karate even if he stays in the 30% range. It is unreasonable to expect anything more from Kim Yeon-kyung, who handles bad balls from setters anyway. However, if Kim Yeon-kyung does more here, Heungkuk Life’s chances of winning can increase.

There has never been a time when the winning team in the first and second games gave up the championship. Can Kim Yeon-kyung save Heungkuk Life from a reverse sweep crisis? Game 5 will be held on the 6th at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon.

Director Abondanza said, “Now it is 50-50. There is no other way than to win at home. I believe that the fans will help a lot.”

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