‘I just sang… ‘

While Sweden’s Consumer Price Index ( CPI 스포츠토토) recorded a higher-than-expected figure in May , an analysis came out that the world-famous pop star ‘Beyoncé’s world tour last month had an impact. According to the BBC

on the 14th (local time), demand for hotels and restaurants in the area has exploded as fans from the United States and other countries flocked to see Beyoncé’s performance held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, on the 10th and 11th of last month. Last month, Sweden’s inflation rate exceeded expectations at 9.7%, mainly due to rising accommodation and food prices. Michael Gran, an economist at Danske Bank, a multinational bank in the Nordic region, said Beyoncé’s performances have caused hotel prices to skyrocket. In an email to the BBC , he said: “I’m not accusing Beyoncé of instigating high rates of inflation, but it’s clear that it did, as fans from all over the world flocked to Stockholm to see her perform.” In addition, he added that Beyoncé’s influence was also responsible for the sudden increase in the cost of using entertainment facilities and cultural arts. Some are predicting that Beyoncé’s performances, which will last until September, will generate an economic effect of nearly £2 billion. In fact, with the announcement of Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ tour schedule, which will start in Sweden from May to September and go around Europe and North America, demand for various facilities in the city where the performance will be held is rapidly increasing, according to Airbnb.

Tickets for shows sell out within a few days of booking, and some sell them back at high prices, the BBC said.

About 60,000 Beyoncé fans from Lebanon, the United States, and Australia gathered for her concert in Cardiff, Wales, UK, and in London, the number of people looking for hotels soared, and with the help of local governments, homeless families living in hotels had to give up their rooms.

About 46,000 spectators from all over the world gathered for the Stockholm performance, and it was reported that American fans in particular bought tickets at a bargain price with their own dollar, which is much stronger than Sweden’s Krona.

‘Visit Stockholm’ referred to this as the ‘Beyoncé effect’, the Washington Post recently reported.

Mr. Gran said that it is “very rare” for a single star to cause such an economic effect, the equivalent of a major football tournament, and that this abnormal flow will normalize after June.

Meanwhile, Sweden’s inflation rate, which soared to 12.3 percent in December last year, has gradually declined since then, recording 10.5 percent in April.

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