I left my phone on the subway and went back to the market.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Department’s Subway Police Unit has detained and sent a naturalized Pakistani citizen, Mr. A (46), to prosecutors for allegedly buying stolen and lost cell phones and reselling them to vendors, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department said on Nov. 21.

According to police, Mr. A is suspected of buying cell phones from thieves and others for 200,000 to 1.1 million won per unit from October last year until recently, and then reselling them at traditional markets in Seoul to foreign nationals such as Vietnamese, Mongolian, and Sri Lankan traders with a profit of 50,000 to 70,000 won.

Police believe that Mr. A bought and sold hundreds of cell phones using this method. When he was arrested on March 12, police seized 24 cell phones hidden in sinks, refrigerators, and rice cookers, as well as 6,805 million won in cash.

To avoid being tracked by police, Ahn used pay phones and cannon phones to communicate with them and made transactions on the stairs of residential buildings and in vehicles. After analyzing the location of payphones and CC (closed-circuit) TV footage, the police made an emergency arrest.

The police secured clues to Mr. A’s crime while investigating Mr. B’s group메이저사이트, who were previously detained.

Mr. B, a Vietnamese illegal immigrant, was detained and sent to prison in March for allegedly sending stolen cell phones to Vietnam for about one year and eight months from July 2021.

A number of thieves and traders who sold the stolen phones were also arrested. Mr. A said he hid dozens of phones from other traders because he couldn’t sell them.

The police are continuing to investigate the thieves who sold him the cell phones.

“We will continue to track down and arrest those who steal cell phones in the subway,” said an official from the Subway Police Corps.

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