“I thought it was the bottom of 70,000 electrons, so I went all-in. Tears of ‘Three ants’

Samsung Electronics’ stock price is showing a strong performance every day due to the warm wind of semiconductor stocks blowing from the United States.

On the 19th, at 9:15 am, Samsung Electronics was traded at 67,900 won in the stock market, up 2.57% from the previous trading day. The strength of Samsung Electronics is interpreted as the effect of the sharp rise in overall semiconductor stocks, such as Nvidia’s share price soaring in the US stock market last night.

On the 18th (local time), Nvidia rose카지노사이트 4.97% on the news of the release of a new graphics card, Micron (4.1%), which dominates the memory semiconductor market with Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, and Lam Research (4.29%), a semiconductor process equipment design and manufacturer. %) also rose. Facebook parent company Meta also unveiled its own designed semiconductor chip that supports artificial intelligence ( AI ) and video processing tasks.

In addition, the positive outlook for the share price is also expanding due to the recovery of the semiconductor industry, Samsung Electronics’ audit, and inventory reduction.

KB Securities predicted on the 18th that Samsung Electronics’ memory inventory would begin to decline from the third quarter. Researcher Kim Dong-won said, “Memory semiconductor manufacturers will show a clear trend of inventory decline after the second quarter of this year.” SK Hynix and Micron inventories , which started to cut production earlier this month, will show a slight decrease from the second quarter.”

He explained, “As of the second quarter, overall IT final demand recovery is slow, but major customers who have recognized the bottom of demand in the first half are moving to gradually accumulate memory semiconductor inventories at low prices.”

At the same time, he emphasized, “It is expected that there will be a relatively large inventory accumulation demand in August-October.”

Researcher Kim said, “The semiconductor industry is expected to improve supply and demand from the second half of the year due to a decrease in inventory, a slowdown in price decline, and a decrease in supply due to production cuts.” We can expect shipment growth as the cost burden is lowered due to price drop,” he added.

On an internet stock discussion board, a shareholder of Samsung Electronics said, “I thought ‘70,000 electrons’ was the bottom and went all-in, but I am going back to the starting point in a few months.” In fact, Samsung Electronics’ share price has not recovered to the 70,000 won level since March last year.

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