“I want to go back to Barcelona!” 100% leaving Chelsea, which was full of scars!

 I dream of returning to Barcelona온라인카지노.

Aubameyang joined Chelsea from Barcelona in the summer transfer window this season. There was an active will of Thomas Tuchel. He had been together in Dortmund, and he wanted to reproduce the synergy effect.

Aubameyang also hoped to reunite with his teacher Tuchel and return to the familiar British stage, and the transfer to Chelsea was completed.

However, Aubameyang faced a crisis. Tuhell, who recruited him, left Chelsea after being notified of the hardship.

Was it because he had no teacher who believed in him? Aubameyang fell into a swamp of sluggishness, and to make matters worse, he suffered the humiliation of being excluded from the Champions League entry.

Aubameyang is poised to leave Chelsea in the upcoming summer transfer window. He dreams of returning to Barcelona, ​​where he was full of good memories.

“I want to go back to Barcelona. However, we will wait and see.”

Journalist Fabricio Romano, who is well versed in the situation of the European transfer market, hinted at Aubameyang’s future, saying, “I will 100% leave Chelsea.”

At the same time, he mentioned that there is a stumbling block, saying, “The way Barcelona, ​​whose finances are unstable, can recruit Aubameyang is that there is no transfer fee or the salary must be reduced.”

Chelsea are planning to spur the reinforcement of new strikers such as Victor Osimen in the upcoming transfer window.

It seems that the place for Aubameyang to stand will be narrower, and the breakup with Chelsea is in the mood to be solidified as a fait accompli. At the same time, he plans to promote his return to Barcelona.

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