“I’ll be back when I’m ready”… Knee surgery ‘prodigal genius’ promises to return to the ground

Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli expressed his determination to prepare after returning from injury. 

Alli was a star player who immediately garnered a lot of attention upon his debut for Tottenham in the 2015/16 season안전놀이터. Everyone expected that he would grow into a midfielder to represent the Premier League by building a powerful attacking team with Son Heung-min and Harry Kane. 

However, his growth did not continue. Ali, who lost his skills from the 2018/19 season, did not have any injuries, but his insincere attitude and concentration in the game became a problem and gradually lost his influence in the game. 

In the end, Ali, who was completely excluded from Antonio Conte’s managerial system, had to transfer to Everton, and his sluggishness did not improve even after that. 

This season, he was loaned to Turkiye Besiktasi, but was sluggish with 2 goals in 13 matches. He was unable to play for the remainder of the season due to recent knee surgery and returned to his original team, Everton. 

In the midst of this, Ali revealed the successful surgery results after his knee surgery and expressed his determination to return.  

On the 16th (Korean time), Ali posted a photo of him in the hospital room after knee surgery through his SNS and wrote about his surgery impressions. 

He announced that he was out of the season, saying, “The surgery was completed, and it was successful, so it’s okay. Thank you to the fans who sent me messages of support. This surgery means my season is over.”

He continued, “It’s been a rough few weeks and I want to confirm that I’m doing my best to focus on my recovery. I’ll take a break from social activities and focus on my recovery. I’ll be back when I’m ready. I hope to see you soon.” I was determined to come back. 

As Ali recently expressed his desire to spend one more season with Ali in a direct interview with Besiktasi chairman Ahmet Nur Chebi, there is a good chance he will get a chance at Besiktasi if he works hard on his recovery. 

Chairman Ahmet said, “Dele is a good player, but he is not here,” and expressed regret, “However, the club’s finances are not a burden, and we want to sign a contract for another year if we want to. We want to put our luck on him.”

Of course, he could return to Everton and play, but many point out that it is difficult for him to play in the Premier League right away.

Even if Ali revealed his determination through social media, it is unknown whether he will change. 

Ali recently returned to Everton and was controversial for inhaling hippie crack, also known as laughing gas, while awaiting surgery. 

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