‘Is this defense possible?’ Kim Hye-seong “I’m greedy for the big leagues”

Yesterday Kiwoom’s second baseman Kim Hye-seong literally completed the team’s victory with an all-time high.

What is Kim Hye-sung’s next goal, who has already received Golden Gloves as a shortstop and second baseman?

This is reporter Kim Soo-geun.

◀ Report ▶

Kiwoom’s last defense with a 2-1 lead.

Two outs in the top of the ninth.

The moment LG Kim Min-sung’s batted ball went beyond the pitcher’s infield.

Kim Hye-seong appeared안전놀이터, caught the ball, and immediately threw the ball to first base to end the game.

“Hey~ Kim Hye-sung’s defensive ability, hey~! I can’t help but admire it. How does this kind of defense come out?”

It was not easy to catch the ball…

The ball I threw while running in the opposite direction against the second base was sucked into the first baseman’s glove.

[Kim Hye-seong/Kiwoom]
“I felt good as soon as I threw it. It felt good, so I think I kept looking forward to it while the ball was (flying).”

Colleagues who were watching nervously cheered.

[Kim Hye-seong/Kiwoom]
“I think everyone said that it was the best ever. I think it was only then that I realized it because my colleagues congratulated me and said it was cool.”

Kim Hye-seong, the first in the KBO League to win the Golden Gloves as a shortstop and second baseman.

As far as the unrivaled wide defensive range, it is ranked 0 for the newly established defense award this year.

[Kim Hye-seong/Kiwoom]
“(Greed) Yes. Because I am a person who is greedy for defense, I heard that there would be a defense award, so I thought that I would like to receive it unconditionally.”

Kim Hye-seong is also highly evaluated by overseas scouts.

Following her colleague and motive, Lee Jung-hoo, her dream of advancing to the big leagues is also slowly growing.

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