“It’s all over”, angry at the no-count declaration? Escape from a 5-game losing streak

At the moment of desperation,메이저놀이터 when the chain of 5 consecutive losses must be broken, Woori Card manager Shin Young-chul stood up suddenly, unable to hold back his anger, when an inconclusive decision came out.

Woori Card played the 5th round home game against Korean Air in the 2022-2023 Dodram V-League men’s division at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 17th. The team was in dire need of a reversal of the atmosphere amid a recent five-game losing streak. 

It started well from the first set. Thanks to the performance of Agamez, Na Gyeong-bok, and Song Hee-chae, who scored 4 points side by side, they took the first set comfortably. 

In the set that followed, a tight deuce match took place, leading to 26-26. At this time, Woori Card seemed to be ahead with Agamez’s back attack. 

However, the referee declared a no count and denied Agamez’ goal. This is because Korean Air’s Jeong Ji-seok tried to attack in the previous process, but came out of the court and sat down complaining of finger pain.

It was unfortunate from our point of view. Woori Card director Shin Yeong-chul protested fiercely, saying, “I would understand if it was finished right away (the moment Jeong Ji-seok was injured), but isn’t it a finished ball?” was captured on the relay screen.  

It is correct to stop the rally in order to protect players if an injured player occurs, but he pointed out that the referee belatedly declared a no-count (replay) after the rally was over. Coach Shin raised his voice, saying, “Since the rally was over before the no-count was declared, shouldn’t the goal be acknowledged?” 

However, the referee’s decision was not overturned, and Woori Card missed the opportunity to go ahead. In a messy atmosphere, the game resumed again 26 to 26.

Despite the somewhat disappointing decision, our card was not shaken. After Agamez made another back attack, Song Hee-chae succeeded in sub ace and swallowed up the second set. After the second set ended in victory, coach Shin was finally able to calm down his excitement.

Woori Card gained momentum and finished the match in the third set. With a clean shutout victory, he finally broke the chain of five consecutive losses. 

By winning 3 points, he had an advantage in advancing to spring volleyball. It rose to 3rd place (44 points) by widening the gap with 4th place KEPCO (42 points) to 2. 

On the other hand, Korean Air’s defeat on this day put the leading position in jeopardy. With a record of 20 wins, 9 losses and 59 points, it was unable to break away from the pursuit of second place Hyundai Capital (55 points).

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